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Nosedive: Pray for America’s Pilot


(1 min Audio Report – Faith2Action)


We are commanded to pray for our leaders. And not just for them to be removed.

Sometimes that’s hard to do, considering all the evil they’re deliberately doing. But a friend of mine told me about some advice she recently read. If you were in a plane that was on the verge of crashing, would you curse the pilot?

No. You’re on that plane. You would pray for that pilot. For God to give them wisdom, direction, and divine help.

Like it or not, we’re in that plane that is in rapid descent. And because we’re on that plane, we might want to stop cursing the pilot and start praying for him. Really praying. That God would change his course, to keep him from crashing. The next time you pray for our leaders, just remember, we’re all on the plane.


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