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More Religious ‘Neutrality’: NY Times Bans ‘Jesus on Trial’ from Best Seller List


Let our secular friends explain why the New York Times has arbitrarily banished David Limbaugh’s Jesus on Trial from its best seller list.

The book (which I will be reviewing for Chalcedon as soon as I can get some other things out of the way) attempts to apply a lawyer’s reasoning to Christian faith. It’s also a book by a Christian about Christianity, which is probably all we need to know to explain the Times’ animus against it.

According to Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner, Jesus on Trial recently was No. 1 on, and had posted sales numbers that would make it No.4 on the New York Times list.

Now, what do you want to bet the NYT Book Review staff would deny any accusation of anti-Christian bigotry, and claim to be strictly neutral in matters of religion?

That’s what they all say, isn’t it?

Ironically, the Times made its decision during the howling-at-the-moon-far-left American Library Association’s annual “Banned Books Week,” during which the ALA celebrates crappy books that were supposedly banned by narrow-minded Christian prudes–the implication being that it’s a secular sin to withhold 50 Shades of Grey from your 12-year-old.

Well, who’s in the book-banning business nowadays?


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