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Evidence of Mass Psychosis


Contemporary Contradictions Revealing Mass Psychosis:

*Workers are punished, freeloaders are rewarded.
*Politicians pursue power to achieve control, claiming they love liberty.
*Terrorists are excused or romanticized, true freedom fighters are condemned.
*We jail officers of the law, and give amnesty to lawbreakers.
*Healthcare becomes deathcare, like welfare, and nobody cares.
*The immoral deny absolute morality then insist everyone submit to their arbitrary morality.
*Wind farms slaughter thousands of birds monthly.
*Hybrid cars harm the environment more than traditional cars.
*Breaking every rule of sound money management, economics and good government is the stuff of learning in graduate school.
*The main thrust of higher education is teaching students to hate their own country, surrender to enemies, and dance to the doctrines of demons.
*Pastors placate pagans rather than preaching repentance.
*Global warming science is so conclusive the agenda must be forced on people with threats, sanctions, fines and deception.
*The U.S. southern border is a dotted line.
* “Oil companies destroyed America.” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
*Homosexual marriage.
*Killing babies is a private matter, a woman’s right, a healthcare issue.
*Overpopulation is killing the human race. The solution: destroy the human race.
*Capitalism is a cardinal sin, communism is confession and communion.
*Christians are the enemy.
*Republicans hate women, children, people of color, the environment and peace. Democrats only love everybody with warm fuzzy hugs and bags of candy.
*Blacks can do no wrong, whites can do no right.
*The Boy Scouts deserve persecution.
*The unwritten law of political correctness is enforced with a vengeance by unauthorized mobs, but authorized law officially installed is ignored.
*Human ‘wisdom’ is exalted: divine wisdom outlawed.


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