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Gohmert’s ‘EDIBLE’ Bill to Target Lunch Extremists


First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program has over-reached its influence into public schools and into student’s lunches. The program has not only mandated what students eat but it has also created the largest decline in the number of students buying lunches at a record loss of 1.6 million according to the GAO report. Students and parents have complained about the unsatisfactory food choices and cafeteria workers have had to deal with an increased waste of food.

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert has introduced a bill that would limit the federal governments over-reach in public schools mandating which foods schools must serve.

The bill is called the “EDIBLE Act” which is an acronym for “Eliminate Dogmatic Interference by Bureaucratic Lunch Extremists Act.” The purpose of the bill is to prevent the federal government from making mandates or requirements regarding food for schools that are not completely paid for with federal funds.

In a press release Gohmert states:

The best thing the federal government could do, regarding the federal food mandates for students, is completely drop the demands. It is grossly unfair for unelected bureaucrats or spouses of elected officials to mandate what must be eaten and not eaten where they have never lived, resided or eaten.

When cafeteria workers have shown me the list of allowed foods, I was shocked that there were so many foods that I had never even heard of as well as foods I did not eat as an east Texas student. Now as an east Texas adult it is exceedingly clear that the best control is local control, and that is especially true of students’ food.’ Cafeteria workers all over east Texas have complained about the massive amount of food they are federally required to cook and throw away. Sanity must return to local school menus.

Watch out, Congressman Gohmert, for I am sure this bill will not sit well with lunch extremist extraordinaire Michelle Obama.


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