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Miss America as Planned Parenthood intern: face of America’s best or sign of her collapse?


The only foundation of a free Constitution is pure Virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our People in a greater Measure, than they have it now, they may change their Rulers and the forms of Government, but they will not obtain a lasting liberty.

–John Adams

Resting for a moment, he imagines himself back home. He remembers growing up like most boys of his time, going to the movies, taking part in American ingenuity, and enjoying life. He can see himself now, in his blue jeans, drinking Coca Cola from a glass bottle as he plays Baseball with friends in the shady afternoon. He waves to the neighbor as he walks down small town America Street. The smell of fried chicken tempts his senses as his Mother calls him to dinner. Ahh, the sweet sound of his Mother’s voice. But the time of tranquility only lasts for a moment. And the sound that harkens back those peaceful memories, his Mother’s voice, suddenly vanishes like a lonely echo and is replaced with a blood curdling scream.

A cry of terror emanating from a body writhing in pain as it loses its grip on this life. He rushes over and offers the tortured body the last few drops from his canteen. This is Scott Pendleton Collins, also known as “smoothie.” He is a WWII soldier in Normandy, France, fighting to keep his mother safe. He was a boy doing a man’s job. And the nickname given by his comrades, Smoothie, was simply a physical critique because he did not yet shave. But the character of this boy was not smooth or immature; it was the character of a man. And in that they could find no fault.

That was then. Now fast forward to this week.

This week’s newly crowned Miss America, 2015 is said to represent everything America believes in. Kira Kazantsev rose through the ranks of the competition: first as Miss New York, then singing “Happy” to win the national crown, then to represent our identity, our values, and our future as Miss America. As the crowds cheered with joy at her achievements, America took heart in knowing that our future is in the able hands of a new generation of leaders.

But this new generation’s story has another side to tell.

Kira Kazantsev used to work for Planned Parenthood. Not just as a clerk or record keeper, but as a representative traveling from one school to another in New York to teach children the values that Planned Parenthood holds dear.

The crusader of the largest abortion provider in the nation now the face of America? We shouldn’t be surprised.

We have said a lot about self-government, freedom and the Constitution. We can go on forever about what Congress and the Courts are doing, but ultimately the battle will not be won or lost at the ballot box. It will be won or lost in the hearts and minds of the next generation. If we are to live in liberty, we must live in self-government and righteousness. And we know that self-government is never more than one generation away from extinction.

We will look at how virtue, or our standards of morals and behavior, have changed and the need to restore it first in our own lives, then in the culture around us. I believe that an entire generation of men and women will be lost and our land with it if we do not return to the halls of honor in which the men and women of old tarried.

Scott Collins represents the inward change of character and maturity that is necessary in manhood. He was trapped in the body of a boy, hence the name “smoothie,” but may have been like many of his fellow soldiers. History tells us that the average age of WWII soldiers was between 18 and 20 years old. Jack Bradley, one of the marines who raised the flag at Iwo Jima, was known as the “Old Man” in his company at just twenty years of age. When a journalist inquired of Jack Bradley’s thoughts on photography’s most reproduced image, the flag raising on Iwo Jima, he replied with two words; “Common Virtue.”

The media was stunned. How could the valiant acts of the Iwo Jima marines like Jack Bradley be common? How could the heroism of the soldiers in Normandy like Scott Collins be anything but uncommon? It was because these young men, the world war II soldiers, had training and discipline that forged their characters into brave hearts willing to die for women and children.

George Washington, immortal warrior, gentile statesman, and father of the greatest nation in the history of mankind. He was a master of public relations. His rules of civility and decent behavior in company and conversation were standards he lived by. He believed that “example is more prevalent than precepts” and this was something he portrayed with excellence. He was a chivalrous gentleman, immortal warrior, and magnificent leader who mastered the art of casting a vision for others to follow.

So what is our response to these examples? How do we interpret these things according to our culture today? Well, I have noticed a trend. I have thought of it in this way. Pernicious deterioration. And here’s what I mean. The word pernicious means to have a harmful effect in a gradual or subtle way. Deterioration means to become progressively worse. For example, study shows that the number of incarcerated criminals in the US since 1940 has increased every single year, and most significantly in the last ten years.

It has slowly become a problem even though we might not notice it because it is gradual or subtle. Virtue has slowly deteriorated and we are now at the point where there is less and less common virtue to deteriorate. Drug use is on the rise. The high school drop-out and expulsion rate is ever increasing. Murder, theft, corruption, abuse of power, and human trafficking are all crimes committed by a culture that has let virtue slip.

Josh McDowell, testifies in his book “Right and Wrong,” that one of the leading sports in Lakewood California, an upper class dignified part of the country is called sex. Points are self tallied and each teen participator receives one point per intercourse. Boys are commended by their peers for destroying innocent girls. Men and boys are no longer protectors but predators praised for hunting down girls as if they were prey to feed upon.

Just this week, the California Legislature passed its much-anticipated “Yes means yes” bill, requiring state universities to enact policies to protect women from sexual violence. The new policies will require both parties to obtain affirmative consent before engaging in sexual acts. Democratic Senator Kevin de Leon called for the passage of the bill to protect women against the “rape culture” of modern America. A sexual revolution begun in the name of liberty has brought us to violence and confusion.

You see, our culture has deteriorated to the point where the young lady not only has to be scared of her commute to and from school, but also her own home. We no longer possess a common virtue. Pernicious deterioration has reached its height. It has come to the last piece of honor left to take away from.

But let it never be said of us as Americans with a noble heritage, and people of a fatherland once dedicated to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and freedom to worship our heavenly father. Let it never be said of us that we forfeited our common virtue at the expense of our sacred honor and timeless faith.

As Eric Ludy once stated of young men, “We as young men need just one of our peers to stand up and trust his God completely and without reserve. We need just one who will start climbing the rugged mountain cliffs in the direction of his King. …It has often been that when one young man stood up to be counted that the course of a nation was forever altered.” These words ring true for men and women, young and old, rich and poor.

When we see our culture’s path from virtue to degradation, we have to ask if we are surprised at what happens to us politically. Edmund Burke reminded us that the less government we have within, the more there must be without. If we do not govern ourselves, our passions will forge our fetters.

The path less taken is the road most noble. And we must travel on that road. We must encourage its travelers and we must build up its journeyers. No matter how rocky, no matter how steep. As the temptations to travel the easy road come we must fight. And when we prevail we will raise our flag and the heavens will smile down on us because right has overcome wrong. Good defeated evil. Our sacred honor will stand the test of time and exhaust the forces of pernicious deterioration.​

Miss America is a prime example of our values as a people. The question simply remains what will we do to turn our society back on a path to common virtue.


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