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Urgent Medical Need: ‘They Literally Have Nothing’


While members of the Obama administration decide whether or not the U.S. is “at war” with ISIS, the extreme humanitarian crisis in northern Iraq rages on. If only our President and Secretary of State John Kerry were as concerned about helping victims of these brutal and barbaric terrorists as they are about semantics!

Last week, I told you about the urgent medical need facing the more than 7,300 Iraqi men, women, and children rescued by RUN Ministries. The organization’s president, Eric Watt, says: “The camp workers desperately need bandages, splints, antiseptics, pain meds, surgical gloves, and antibiotics. They literally have nothing.”

Help RUN Ministries meet an urgent medical need!

The shocking and tragic news on Friday that more RUN workers had been killed and injured in a terrorist attack took some of the focus off of the critical need for medicine and medical supplies. But today, Eric and his network of believers in the Middle East are asking friends of Liberty Counsel Action to help meet this urgent medical need.

The supplies needed to treat infection, illness, and injury are over and above what it already costs RUN to provide food, water, shelter, and protection to thousands of Christians and other religious minorities forced from their homes by ISIS violence. This morning, my staff informed me that RUN has raised only 25 percent of what’s needed to meet this unfolding medical crisis.

Many refugees have arrived at RUN’s “Community of Hope” camps after being injured, beaten, or even tortured by ISIS terrorists. Still others have been made sick by their grueling journey to escape the violence and genocide.

Eric and his team desperately need medicine and medical supplies to treat infections, injuries, illnesses, and other serious health problems. Can you help — or further help — RUN Ministries, as they work to help Iraqis who have lost everything, even loved ones, to ISIS terrorists?

Even if you’ve supported RUN Ministries’ difficult, dangerous, and lifesaving work previously, thousands of Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities are still at risk. Please stand with these brave, selfless volunteers to meet this urgent medical need.

Please click here to support RUN’s ongoing rescue and relief efforts in northern Iraq, as well as other vital outreaches.

Your continued prayer and financial support are greatly appreciated. God bless you!

Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action


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