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Let’s Stop Lying to Ourselves


In its first 25 pages the Q’uran calls for waging war against unbelievers (infidels) multiple times, calls for executing those who leave Islam, and claims Allah turned the Jews into monkeys for disobedience.

Find an accurate, word-for-word translation of the Q’uran and read it for yourself. Don’t just take my word for it. And don’t even bother reading the Hadith if you want to continue lying to yourself, because there’s some really nasty stuff in there.

Mohammed spent the last 20 years of his life waging war. That is a historical fact.

Muslims make a claim on Jerusalem even though Mohammed never physically went there. That is a historical fact.

Islam has always used military means to advance their religion, beginning with Mohammed. That is a historical fact.

The reason why the ancient Christian settlements in places like Lebanon, Egypt , and Turkey have been severely diminished, or no longer exist, is because of Islamic military action. That is a historical fact.

ISIS is simply deploying the same bloodthirsty method of conquest their predecessor the Ottoman Empire or Tamerlane used to enslave Muslims and Christians/Jews/pagans alike. That is a historical fact. (Google names like “Souflikar”)

Anyone claiming anything to the contrary has either not read the Q’uran, has no knowledge of history, is lying, or is willfully ignorant. Islam absolutely calls for the killing of innocents, because it defines “innocence” differently than we do. You are not “innocent” in Islam if you are an unbeliever. The very act of unbelief makes you guilty, regardless of the rest of your character. Which explains why people die or are enslaved en masse every time Islam has been on the move throughout its history.

True, you can cherry pick segments of every religion’s holy books and come up with things that sound unseemly to contemporary audiences, which is why you have to view it in context.

So look at how the people closest to the original revelation behaved, and then look at how those with the benefit of historical context do so nowadays. Compare how the first followers of Christ behaved with the first followers of Mohammed, and there’s a stark difference. And then tell me where anywhere in the world today Christians are behaving in a tyrannical way compared to some elements of Islam? Again, no comparison.

Obama is correct that no one has been more victimized here than the Muslims themselves, but herein lies the fatal flaw of Islam. It is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of pieces, because whenever there has been attempts at modernization or reformation in its history that’s how those advocating peace end up. To deny that is to deny gravity, otherwise known as insanity.

And by continuing to deny it we actually harm the efforts of those within Islam who would like to be peacemakers, because we never have an honest conversation about a religion founded by an illiterate war-monger who once married a 9-year old girl.

Want to help cultivate more moderate, peaceful Muslims? Then start telling the truth about Islam itself. The more we perpetuate these myths, the more we are aiding and abetting our enemies, because they use our own lying to ourselves against us for propaganda purposes. Every time one of our foolish politicians pretends to do Islamic exegesis the Islamo-Fascists successfully recruit another Jihadist to protest against the “Great Satan” attacking the “true religion.” When our own president says this century “should not belong to those who slander the name of the prophet of Islam” he’s aiding and abetting our adversaries as well, who take that as a sign of weakness.

There is nowhere in the world today that a free people are living in a society based on the teachings of Islam. Absolutely nowhere. And anytime it’s been tried, Islamists have conquered their own in the name of Allah. Again: see the Ottoman Empire.

Want to defeat your enemy? Then stop lying to yourself about who your enemy really is.

P.S….When you folks over at Right-Wing Watch post this to your unfortunate minions to show how allegedly intolerant I am, please make sure to do this in its full context. Thanks!

P.S.S…it has come to this. Bill Maher is now the voice of reason here.


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