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Islam Is Not Islam – Of Course


OK, I just want to set the record straight here. Islam is not Islam. For that matter, Christianity is not Christianity. We must be clear on this. Consider the latter case. Everything done in the name of Christianity never has anything to do with Christianity.

Peter, Paul and John for example were not Christians. Neither were Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, St. Francis, Wilberforce, Moody, Spurgeon, C. S. Lewis and Billy Graham. The Baptists and Presbyterians are not Christian denominations. Wheaton College is not a Christian school.

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School is not a Christian seminary. Joe’s Christian Bookshop is not a Christian bookshop. “Onward Christian Soldiers” is not a Christian hymn. The First Church of Christ is not a Christian church. And the Bible of course has nothing to do with Christianity.

Now, if you think all that was all rather ridiculous, you are quite right. But that is exactly the situation we find ourselves in with Islam. Every time a Muslim does something specifically in the name of Islam, we have all sorts of clueless wonders and duped dhimmis in the West assuring us that this is not Islam. Really!

Is this the most blind, deceived and cowardly generation of leaders in the West ever? So utterly frightened are they by Islam, and so utterly enslaved are they to political correctness, that you can have a Muslim performing Islamic acts in the name of Islam, and these spineless dolts will swear up and down that it has nothing to do with Islam!

Just how completely bizarre and idiotic is this? Is Washington, Canberra, London and Geneva inhabited only by Muslim sycophants? All over the Western world we have completely brain dead leaders and PC zombies regurgitating the same old mantra: Islamic things done by Muslims in the name of Islam have absolutely nothing to do with Islam!

The examples of this come our way on a regular basis it seems. When 3000 innocent men, women and children were slaughtered thirteen years ago by devout Muslims screaming Allahu Akbar, President Bush assured us that this was not Islam, and that such actions “violate the fundamental tenets of the Islamic faith.”

As the Taliban carried out horrific acts of jihad in the name of Allah, President Bill Clinton confidently oozed that this was “a terrible perversion of Islam.” Then we had the buffoon running Britain, David Cameron, offering us these nuggets of insight several years ago:

There’s a fundamental difference between Islam and extremism. Islam is a great religion observed peacefully and devoutly by over a billion people. Islamist extremism is a warped political ideology supported by a minority that seeks to hijack a great religion to gain respectability for its violent objectives.

Then in the US just yesterday we had President Obama assuring us that the Islamic State which is killing people all over the place in the name of Islam actually has nothing to do with Islam! He said, “ISIL is not ‘Islamic.’ No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim. And ISIL is certainly not a state.”

In this he was simply parroting Tony Abbott who had said almost two weeks earlier, “I refuse to call this hideous movement Islamic State because it’s not a state, it’s a death cult”. It is a death cult alright Tony, but it happens to be an Islamic death cult.

Also in Australia we had a raid on an Islamic bookshop in Brisbane and the arrest of two Muslims on various terrorism charges. And what does a police official tell us after the raid? “This has got nothing to do with Islam.” And we have the completely clueless Queensland Premier Campbell Newman telling us this about the raid:

This is about the activities of some individuals. It is alleged they have been involved in criminal activities to raise money and to encourage people to go and fight overseas and that is basically, if it is proven, against Australian law. We are not dealing with a religion here, it is about people who happen to be using a religious angle on this whole thing, to try and do that. That is completely inappropriate.

Larry Pickering, discussing the raid and the PC cover-up, said this:

Well I guess if the police raided a drug lab and arrested two bikies it would have nothing to do with bikies either? It’s difficult to fight a war against terrorism if authorities are prevented from identifying the terrorist as Islamic when terrorism can invariably be defined as an Islamic perversion. Oh well, maybe the holocaust had nothing to do with Nazism either.

Just what is wrong with these Western leaders? Have they all been lobotomised? Are they all so thoroughly PC that they will lie through their teeth to protect this death cult? Are they all such craven and clueless cowards that they will never say one truthful thing about Islam?

No wonder Islam is sweeping away everything in its path. We have cowards and spineless PC numskulls ruling our nations, handing our nations on a silver platter to those dedicated to our destruction. Well, when they do take over, the first heads to appear on silver platters will be those of these utterly incompetent, irresponsible and brainless dhimmis.



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