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Delaware’s Senate Race Suddenly Heats Up – Coons 39 Wade 31


It’s hard to miss the WadeMobile. It’s the Nascar vehicle of Delaware politics.

Flamboyantly wrapped in neon red, stark white and sky blue with an outsize portrait of Kevin Wade emblazoned on the side, it has been prowling up and down the small state of Delaware ever since Wade, a Delaware businessman and politician, filed at the last minute for the slot as the Delaware GOP’s candidate for the US Senate.

The car is an intriguing surprise to generally cool Delawareans, loudly blasting as it plays Wade speaking of his messages of common sense conservatism mixed with the classic country music song, “Lord Have Mercy on the Working Man.”

But Wade determined from the beginning not to make his race against freshman Senator Coons a mere token or symbol. The man is serious, and he has a background to prove he’s serious. Wade is the founder and president of Philadelphia Control systems, Inc., of Christiana, DE, a consulting engineering firm specializing in data automation and production line optimization. He is also a seasoned public speaker who has previously run for office. Wade is widely popular across the republican spectrum evidenced by his 75% result in primary voting.

A first some did not take Wade seriously, as Delaware is a deep blue state and Chris Coons, his Democrat opponent, was widely regarded as having a lock on the senate seat. Coons, it was felt, even in some Republican circles, was safe.

But it seems Coons may not be so safe after all.

According to a Battleground Tracker survey of likely voters taken between August 18 to September 2, Coons received 39% to Wade’s 31%, putting Wade within 8% striking distance of taking the coveted seat.

As Wade notes, “This race is closer than the Scott Brown race in New Hampshire and the race in Minnesota. Both of those races are receiving close national attention. Delaware is also a much smaller voter universe, 150,000 votes win this. The senate race in Delaware deserves more attention.”

Political junkies and savvy observers know that when an incumbent falls below 50% in the polls, that incumbent is in trouble. Just as important, Chris Coon’s 39% currently includes 8% Republican voters who were somewhat disenchanted with Coons’ previous opponent for the seat. There is a strong likelihood that Coons’ Republican support may evaporate as voters get to know Wade, especially after his primary win over Carl Smink on September 9. Now that it’s official that Kevin Wade is the GOP candidate, the expectation is that all Delaware’s Republicans will rally around him.

Wade says people are increasingly attracted to his center-right messages against left-wing ideology and what he describes as liberal “Cotton Candy” promises. He emphasizes he means to be an independent “common sense conservative voice,” for all Delawareans. Among his goals listed at his campaign website : Repeal ObamaCare and replace it with a voluntary “Neighborhood Health” plan, give parents vouchers for their children’s education, stop the spying on US citizens by such agencies as the NSA, secure the borders of the nation, the Penny Plan to balance the budget, and restore the American dream.

Wade believes a conservative new dawn has begun in Delaware. He believes in “speaking to the people, not about the people or above the people. The government in Washington no longer believes in us, but we believe in each other and that is enough to save the Republic.”

The Sussex Countian, a local newspaper aimed at serving Delaware’s southern region (, reported Sen. Coons’ staff released a statement regarding the results of the Republican primary:

Sen. Coons looks forward to a constructive and vigorous campaign this fall, but remains focused on working hard to get things done. This week, the senator is in Washington, where he’ll introduce a bipartisan bill that would help more Delawareans get the training they need for modern manufacturing jobs. He feels the best way to earn the support of Delawareans for his first full term is by continuing to work hard on their behalf.

Some political observers might translate Coons’ dispatch from his staff in the following way: “Campaign? What campaign? Kevin Wade? Who is this noisome pestilence? Pfffft. All this campaign stuff is completely insignificant in comparison with the overwhelmingly important job I am doing in Washington. I’m safe.”

But political fortune does not always favor those who feel safe in what they see as the lofty and impenetrable fortress of incumbency. Nor will it necessarily favor those who are strongly allied to the political ideology characterized by the floundering presidency of Barack Obama.

The WadeMobile assault on the Coons’ candidacy, along with Wade’s articulate and well thought out conservative responses to current problems, just may be part of a very big upset in the Delaware race for the US Senate, come November 4th.


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