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D.C. School Assigns Kids to Compare Bush to Hitler


What more can we say of public education? Never in the field of human endeavor has so much money been spent for so little.

Today’s public schooling scandal comes to us from Washington, D.C., where sixth graders at McKinley Middle School were assigned to write an essay comparing President George W. Bush–whom most Americans voted for–to Adolf Hitler.

Gee, I wonder what people would think if I were a public school teacher and I asked my sixth graders to write an essay comparing the current occupant of the White House to a hollowed-out pumpkin going rotten. But I digress.

The head honcho of the D.C. public schools, Chancellor Kaya Henderson, dealt with the controversy by posting this gem on Twitter. On Twitter, mind you:

No DPCS curriculum says 2 make these comparisons in any way. Teacher used poor judgment & will apologize.

It’s almost worth having the problem, to get a chance to read such deathless prose.

Anyhow, the old “Bush = Hitler” formula, so dear to the hearts of liberal amoebas, is not exactly hard to find among public “educators.” It’s certainly easier to find than something like “Speed = Distance/Time,” or “Area = Length X Width.” Unionized teachers can’t be bothered with that old stuff. They are (trumpet fanfare, please) change agents, out to fundamentally transform America into a workers’ paradise by turning whole generations of children into idiots.

Will the teacher who cooked up this assignment be fired?

Now that really is a stupid question!


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