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Concerned Citizen Posts Life-Saving Sign…Gets $5000 Ticket

By Rebekah Maxwell – Barbwire guest contributor

This Week’s Sign the Apocalypse is Upon Us

Life should be naught but fun and sunshine in this burgeoning big guv’ment utopia…yet it seems there are still some tasks the public servants can’t handle. Like public service.

So, one presumes it falls to the hands of each concerned citizen to do their bit, to pitch in and help Big Brother out…it’s all for the common good, right?

Wrong. As one Oregon man found out, no good deed goes unpunished by guv’ment. Even if you’re doing the guv’ment’s job for them…and save whole families from drowning. That’ll be a $5000 ticket, sir.

As The Blaze reports:

Michael Medill, a 66-year-old Forest Grove, Oregon, resident, said he was fed up with people dying at dangerously unmarked drop-off points around Henry Hagg Lake. On Saturday, he went and posted eight handmade warning signs around the lake, the Oregonian reported.

Local media turned out to cover Medill’s public act, but once the reporters left, Medill told the newspaper, police detained him for an hour before slapping him with a criminal mischief ticket.

That ticket demands Medill pay a $5000 fine. To the city. For doing the city’s job for them.

Notably, the city was only concerned about this man’s “criminal mischief” once the local media brought attention to his actions…which highlighted the guv’ment’s inaction.  Coincidence, surely.

Medill said locals have been lobbying for signs ever since a 2012 incident in which eight kids almost drowned in Hagg Lake. When an entire family — three generations deep — drowned in the lake last month, Medill was spurred to action.

“For two years we’ve been trying to get signs up. So I just said, the heck with it,” Medill said. “That’s just crazy to not have signs up. That’s criminal. You go up to the beach, there’s always signs posted at any entrance to the beach of the dangers.”

How dare a private citizen take it upon himself to warn people of potential danger! That’s clearly the government’s job. And if it takes them two years to figure out how to put up a sign, and more unwarned swimmers are dragged under, well, that’s the price we pay for public safety.

While they can’t decide on a sign-posting plan, the city did apparently decide that no sign at all was better than this mere peasant’s unapproved posting, and law enforcement removed Medill’s signs from the beach. Because, public safety.

However, this might not be over. It seems Mr. Medill refuses to pay the $5000 fine for his criminal concern.

Medill said he’s got a good amount of cash left over from his days as a developer in Costa Rica, so he’s prepared to take Washington County law enforcement to court over the sign issue.

“I’m set financially,” Medill said, “and I like pursuing righting wrongs.”

Can you imagine? A private citizen presuming that he might know what’s right and wrong? And that what government is doing (or not doing) with his money, by his consent, might be wrong? Or that, when the expert powers failed to warn people of potential danger, that he had a moral responsibility to help, whether or not he had government approval?

Such criminal mischief. He must have confused the government with average people. You see, when you or I now that something is dangerous/life-threatening on our property and we do nothing to fix it or warn people of the danger, we can be tried for negligence. If that inaction results in someone’s death, the charge would be more severe.

But that’s just for the plebeians, of course…government has evolved beyond culpability. So why not trust them to make all our decisions for us? Then we can evolve beyond responsibility, just like our government has.

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