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BHO & the Democrats Want Your Vote!


The threats to our country multiply worldwide. Obama and the Democrats cut our military and intelligence capabilities.

The economy sputters and fails. Obama and the Democrats do the opposite of what is needed to promote recovery. Business people would like to invest, expand and create jobs.  Obama and the Democrats do nothing to support and encourage business, but they do much to discourage investment: they demonize business, threaten sanctions, raise taxes, increase regulation, engage in crony capitalism, expand government, infringe of economic freedom, and increase the costs of doing business generally.

We face the coldest winter on record. Obama and the Democrats close down huge parts of the coal industry, pleading the fraudulent case of man-made global warming.

The cost of gasoline and energy generally increases. Obama and the Democrats refuse to approve the Keystone Pipeline and other projects allowing us to increase supplies, lower prices, create jobs and increase security. Federal spending, debt and deficits are out of control, threatening complete financial collapse. Obama and the Democrats do nothing to solve the problem.  Indeed, their policies exacerbate financial problems, inviting collapse.

The southern border has become a war zone supporting criminal activity and allowing for mass migration of non-citizens, criminals and terrorists. Obama and the Democrats refuse to work with Congress on border security or immigration reform, they promote illegal immigration, allowing for criminality, increased financial pressures and security risks in the process.

Healthcare costs increase, quality of care and access decrease, and what do Obama and the Democrats give us? The ACA or ObamaCare—a law that is increasing costs, reducing quality, and limiting access, all for the sake of nationalizing healthcare, financed by increased taxation.

Americans want decent government services at reasonable cost without rampant corruption and scandal. Obama and the Democrats give us the opposite in every category. Just ask a Vet, a member of the Tea Party, an unemployed Black person, a business person, or a former member of the Middle Class.

Americans want accountable, transparent government. Obama and the Democrats have given us the most secretive, lawless, unaccountable government in history.

Americans deserve an intelligent, effective foreign policy, but thanks to Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry, we have chaos, indecision, weakness, failure, retreat, defeat, and crumbling alliances because friends can’t rely on us, while enemies escalate across the board.

Americans want harmony and unity at home. Obama and the Democrats work daily to divide us and pit us against one another based on race or religion or class or gender or sexual orientation, and they do so only to acquire and wield more power to divide us and pit us against one another.

On every issue and by every measure, Obama, Hillary and the Democrats have failed miserably, yet they want your vote in November, and in 2016. It is time for real hope and change.  It is time to vote for conservatives who support and promote traditional American principles: liberty, limited government, financial responsibility, strong national defense, border security, states’ rights, and power to the people, not the politicians.

BHO: An extremist complaining about extremism. A liar complaining about liars. The lawless one accusing others of illegality. The pacifist who makes war. Disparaging white people he decries racism. Sitting on a mountain of gold, he condemns the rich. Claiming special affection for the poor, he ignores them. Saying he is a Christian, he denies Christ. And with his hand on his heart he curses America.


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