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Angry with Ray Rice? U.S. Armed Forces and Sports Media Promote Men Beating Women


National figures on the left and right are outraged about Ray Rice hitting his then fiancée even as they overlook, and often celebrate, the fact that the U.S. armed forces and sports media actively promote men beating women.

I wrote about Ray Rice when he first was a story a few weeks ago. Some of the things I said then I will repeat here, including the fact that the U.S. is gushing at putting women into combat roles and actively training male troops to beat female troops.

Here’s a typical DOD press release trumpeting what a great thing women in combat is.

And my previous column mentioned that the Modern Army Combatives Program trains men and women to fight each other. The Army and DOD are so proud of this that they have issued press releases about it over the years. The following one comes from the official Army website and boasts of how a man beat up a woman, brought her to tears, and knocked her unconscious:

Steele got her fourth round, this time with a bigger, stronger and more experienced opponent, Co. B 229th Military Intelligence Company Commander Capt. Christopher Green, who towered over Steele by at least five inches and had an over-70-pound advantage.

After several fruitless attempts to lock her arms around the massive Green, Steele met the same fate as many who clash in the classic confrontation of fist-to-face: She was knocked out. . . .

After a quick check by the medic, Steele quickly sprung up to her starting fighting stance, replaced her mouthpiece and achieved the clinch while all those in attendance cheered her on. . . .

“I don’t actually like combatives,” Steele said laughing, as she wiped her tears after her match with Green. “But my best friend, who is in Afghanistan right now and was certified here, motivated me to push through.”

There are plenty of videos of men and women fighting each other in DOD-sanctioned combatives matches. Do a Google search for “video of army combatives female vs male.” The DOD has even produced its own video series which features men and women fighting.

So even as society is angry about Ray Rice striking a woman, it celebrates the DOD training men to beat women and sending women to be slaughtered in combat. Why is this?

The sports media is just as bad as the DOD when it comes to promoting men beating women. From my previous column on Ray Rice:

In fact, in the name of social engineering ESPN champions Fallon Fox, a man pretending to be a woman, fighting in mixed martial arts matches against women. Search the web for “ESPN Fallon Fox” and you’ll see what I mean.

And then there was a story from earlier this year which caused the sports media—and leftists in general—to go absolutely gaga: a woman played a few downs in a professional football game.

The Dallas Morning News reported on it as an absolutely positive thing:

When the moment finally came, with 6:20 left in the third quarter, Jennifer Welter took a handoff and tried with every fiber in her 5-2, 130-pound frame to score from 2 yards out over left tackle.

And North Texas Crunch defensive lineman Cedric Hearvey hurled his 6-4, 245-pound body and bore his helmet and shoulder pad into Welter’s left hip, whacking her down for a 1-yard loss. . . .

“I said, ‘Is that all you got?’” Welter said she told Hearvey after the first of her three carries for the Texas Revolution. “They (Crunch players) were getting all alive, and I had to say something. I didn’t want them to think I was intimidated.” . . .

After the Revolution’s 64-30 victory, no one can say, ever, that Welter can’t take a legitimate hit from male football players.

Nor could anyone accuse the Crunch of taking it easy on Welter, although after making the fourth-quarter tackle on her, Duncanville product Hearvey turned to the Revolution sideline and hollered for the coaches to take Welter out “because this doesn’t feel right.”

“Honestly, it was very weird,” Hearvey said after the game. “Part of me wanted to let her score, but part of me had a job. So I was like, ‘Can y’all please take her out?’”

Welter, however, told Hearvey that she in no way wanted him or any of the Crunch players to go easy on her.

“Honestly, I really have a lot of respect for that lady over there,” Hearvey said.

So here we have a man being forced to crush a woman as part of his job, with his natural inclinations telling him not to do it but those inclinations being driven out of him lest he be “sexist” or “misogynistic.” Everyone is supposed to praise this sociological breakthrough, by the way. Just ask Think Progress.

I have no love for Ray Rice or the NFL and I really don’t care what happens to him or the league. But the sociological hypocrisy is disturbing.

If the nation is going to have women in combat and train its male troops to beat up its female troops, and if the nation has decided that having men beat up on women in sports is a good thing, then no one should be surprised when a man beats up a woman anywhere else. Tearing down sociological norms and chivalry has consequences and everyone who has supported this destruction—on the left and right—must be brought to account for their actions.


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