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Obama Urged to Act Decisively, Emphasize Centrality of Religious Liberty in Foreign Policy

Washington, DC – Wednesday night President Obama addressed the nation and outlined his plan to deal with the ISIS threat to the United States, Iraq, Syria, and the world as a whole.  Family Research Council President Tony Perkins made the following comments in response to the President’s speech:

“Tonight the President finally acknowledged, after weeks of ambivalence, the threat ISIS poses to its neighbors, the United States and the world at large. However, the President continues to tie America’s hand by limiting the actions he will take to destroy the threat from ISIS. Now is not the time to rely on unnamed “partners,” it is time for America to act decisively against ISIS.”

“The President’s schizophrenic approach to ISIS, first having no strategy and then saying we would destroy ISIS and then that the U.S. would ‘manage’ it, has confused friends and foes alike. “Mr. Obama continually fails to make religious liberty a fundamental aspect of our foreign policy interest. Additionally, the President refuses to acknowledge the theological motivations of the Islamic extremists. “ISIL is ‘not Islamic,’ the President claimed tonight. Then why are these Sunni militants killing anyone who does not share their form of the Islamic faith?”

“The plight of Christians and the other religious minorities trapped in ISIS controlled territory and the tens of thousands who have been compelled, at the point of a sword, to flee, only underscores myriad other religious liberty violations happening around the world, violations about which this Administration has been all too silent. The United States’ inaction overseas is all the more troubling when U.S. citizens are involved, such as Daniel Wani and Pastor Saeed Abedini detained in Iran, or Kenneth Bae in North Korea.”

“At this moment, representatives of Family Research Council are attending the Inaugural Summit of ‘In Defense of Christians,’ a new group formed to call attention to religious persecution in the Middle East – persecution which generally has been directed at Christians, and which has been neglected for far too long.”

“Mr. President, take a stand for liberty, for religious liberty like you do for other issues about which you are passionate. Make the defense of religious liberty a priority in your administration.” My prayers, along with those of everyone at Family Research Council, go out to those suffering under the terror of ISIS. As we remember 9/11 and its horrors, we pray that the Lord will protect our nation and send deliverance quickly for our brothers and sisters, not only in Iraq and Syria, but throughout nations that assail religious liberty. And we pray for America’s men and women in uniform, for their safety and a speedy victory on behalf of our country,” concluded Perkins.

Via FRC release.


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