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9/11 — Thousands Would Die. One Would Be Saved

By Evan SayetBarbWire guest contributor

I must admit to some snobbery. My kind didn’t become cops. My kind didn’t become firemen. We went to college as simply a rite of passage and became the “Masters of the Universe” holding meetings with others like us on the top floors of buildings like those in the World Trade Center complex. In fact, I, at the age of twenty-three, had an office on the 106th floor of building number one with an unquestioned entitlement to it for no other reason than that was the way of the world.

The kids from the Bronx with the accents became fireman. The kids from Queens with the gaudy chains and the girlfriends with the big hair became cops. People who worked with their hands, people who risked their lives, I am now terribly embarrassed and ashamed to say, were thought of as just of another kind, the kind that my Leftist friends continue to deride as being from “fly-over country,” or from Kansas where the people have something “the matter” with them.

9/11 made that narrative impossible for me to cling to any longer. It may have taken days, weeks, months and years for all my ingrained bigotries to subside, but in those horrific moments when the Masters of the Universe were helpless, and those I had been culturally bigoted against ran up those stairs it became impossible for me to cling to them any longer.

The lies of the Left would never be so clearly exposed – except in their future defense of those lies – as they were that day when those heroes did not call in sick as they saw the morning news, but answered the call, and did not stand by as they would have had there been any truth to Leftist dogma, clapping and shouting about “The chickens coming home to roost.” They risked it all – many gave all – because that’s what heroes do.

On that day, thirteen years ago now – their children often now mid-twenties – my heart goes out to their loved ones and I thank them. And I ask them to know, how many others their loved ones may or may not have been able to save, on that day, thirteen years ago today, they saved me.

(First published in Breitbart’s Big Hollywood, Sept. 11, 2009)

Evan Sayet was born in New York city and went to school in Rochester, New York. He would soon move out to Hollywood in order to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian, television writer, and eventually video producer as well. However, post 9-11, he rethought (or more accurately, thought about for the first time) his political and social beliefs. Evan recognized that he had been acting as a knee-jerk Liberal, but was, in reality, a conservative at heart. From that moment, he has dedicated himself to conserving and promoting the values of the America that has given him freedom and allowed him to pursue his life of liberty and happiness.

In the meantime, Evan has become the nation’s leading conservative, political comedian, an in-demand Master of Ceremony for Republican and conservative events, while at the same time writing the bestselling book The KinderGarden Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks. He’s given numerous lectures on the same subject as his book – including one to the Heritage Foundation, to which Andrew Breitbart call the lecture, “One of the five most important conservative speeches ever given,” – and another to the Conservative Forum, which has been recognized as the definitive explanation as to how and why the Mainstream Media has gotten, literally, every major story of the past six decades not just “wrong”, but as wrong as wrong can be.

Evan Sayet resides in Los Angeles, California, and can be reached at or via the contact page.


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