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Ward Churchill: Constrained by Clouds of Confusion


I was sorry to see Megyn Kelly let Ward Churchill off the hook the other night during an interview on Fox News (see video below).  She never really pressed him to substantiate his claims against the victims of 9/11.  She never demanded he prove his accusation that financial services personnel in the Twin Towers that day were part of a profitmaking machine responsible for suffering and death in the Third World, and thus, they deserved to be murdered, that their killers should be seen as ‘courageous and gallant.’  He has repeatedly compared American dead on 9/11 to Nazis, inexplicably.

When it comes to drones like Bill Ayers and Ward Churchill, people forget these men were radicalized in the 60s, during their formative years.  When they should have been receiving a true education centered on the trivium (a systematic method of critical thinking focused on logic, rhetoric and grammar), instead they were poppin’ Acid like M&Ms, smoking Weed, snorting Cocaine, getting drunk and chasing women, all while gobbling up subversive literature, primarily because it was ‘cool.’  They learned their lines decades ago, and they have been reciting them word-for-word ever since, never bothering to reconsider or re-evaluate in the face of new evidence, which is continuously available.

Ward Churchill is no scholar.  He isn’t intelligent.  He hasn’t changed his mind in 45 years.  He is a programmed robot, a celebrity in his own mind, a man so blinded by ideology he cannot even see he is guilty of what he condemns in others: the arrogant assumption he possesses secret knowledge, the insistence he knows enough to condemn others, and the outrageous belief his superior processing power is sufficient to act as judge, jury and executioner, praising the 9/11 hijackers and condemning their victims in the same breath, even likening our fellow citizens to Nazis.  (Furthermore Ward, you are aware that among the dead that day in New York:  373 foreign nationals, many from the Third World.  Just collateral damage one supposes.)

Megyn should have asked him for specific examples demonstrating the links between financial services workers in the Twin Towers and the “deaths of little brown babies in the Third World.”  He should have been challenged to substantiate his claims instead of being allowed to repeat his talking points over and over, instead of being allowed the ludicrous claim he was using hyperbole to instruct the mindless masses, lending the average village idiot a glimpse of his genius.   When pressed, most of these leftwing paper tigers crumple like yesterday’s trash, incapable of forming complete sentences.

Also, the 9/11 attackers were Saudi sons of privilege commanded by a Saudi son of privilege. They were not avengers of perceived wrongs perpetrated against the Third Word by greedy American capitalists.  They did not attack the Pentagon and the World Trade center to decry capitalism.  Instead, they were religious fanatics, driven by ideology, deployed by a mad man in an effort to take over the world by force.  In this sense the 9/11 hijackers more closely resembled Nazis than anyone, aligning with traditions and actions Ward Churchill applauds, making him an accessory to mass murder.

Finally, I’ll wager Ward Churchill hasn’t given a miniscule percentage of his income to relieve suffering in the Third World and you can bet he ignores the trillions of dollars Americans have contributed to help the poor worldwide.  He should be forced to answer the question about his contributions to solving problems he claims special concern over.    Let’s also mention his ignorance of the truth about the U.S. military, that it has saved the world from tyranny over and over, and liberated millions upon millions of desperate people enslaved by the very tyrants Ward thinks so laudable.

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