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Anti-Christian Discrimination: Cal State No Longer Recognizing Christian Groups

CBN News — A new policy put in place by Cal State University could cost InterVarsity and other Christian groups up to $460,000 to meet on campus because they cannot change their leadership requirements to include any student.

“No campus shall recognize any fraternity, sorority, living group, honor society, or other student organization unless its membership and leadership are open to all currently enrolled students at that campus,” the policy states.

The rule requires leadership positions to be open to any student, regardless of whether they hold the same beliefs as the club. The policy went into effect in 2012 but up until this year religious clubs had been granted an exemption.

Being a recognized student group had allowed InterVarsity to reserve rooms for club meetings and events at no cost. Still, the Christian group refuses to bend their belief requirements to accommodate the new rule.

“We estimate that it will cost each of the 23 InterVarsity chapters serving Cal State campuses up to $20,000 a year to rent rooms, generate awareness, and meet new students if we are unrecognized in the coming year,” Greg Jao, who is leading InterVarsity’s response to the new policy, said in a video message.

Cal State is the nation’s largest university system with nearly 450,000 students on 23 campuses.

“It’s particularly important that InterVarsity student leaders embrace scripture’s teaching about who God is, what Jesus has accomplished on the cross, and how the Holy Spirit transforms us,” Jao said.

InterVarsity has asked for support from outside donors and for prayer as they embark on new ways to accomplish the purpose and vision of their group.

“We may be unrecognized in the coming year, but we will not be off campus. InterVarsity is committed to grow our current ministries and plant new ministries in the Cal State system,” Jao said.

Report via CBN News


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