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JOAN RIVERS, CRUSADER: For Israel and AGAINST Political Correctness


The world lost a brilliant talent this week. Joan Rivers will clearly be remembered for making us laugh. At ourselves, at our situations, at our cultural traditions. But she was much more than a comedian…

Joan was a woman who reinvented herself in an industry where only men possessed that power. For this, women in entertainment will be forever grateful.

When it concerned Israel and the Jewish people, she was not interested in tickling your funny bone. As she was in her humor, she was also when dealing with facts about Israel and their enemies: Shooting straight from the shoulder. She knew the truth and spoke it unequivocally. She was a fierce supporter of the Jewish State and she made sure the world knew: Am Yisrael Chai (the people of Israel live)! For this, her global mishpochah will be forever grateful.

But what few realize is that Joan provided a unique tool for freedom: She stemmed the flow of Cultural Marxism by cracking political correctness upside the head…

As I have stated many times in the past: Comedians are not society’s clown sideshow…they teach the culture how to laugh at itself.

With the slow creep of Cultural Marxism, aka Political Correctness (PC)…we are losing our ability to laugh at ourselves and our situations, as was more common in Joan’s early years as a brilliant farceur. We have become so thin-skinned that the slightest verbal prick can send us shrieking like colicky babies. The asphyxiating nature of the PC milieu creates a society of children, unable to endure hard times and harsh conditions, as our ancestors did.

And the tragedy of this manifestation is…we did it, and CONTINUE to do it, to ourselves. We self-censor our free speech, out of needless shame. We then pummel our comedians to the point where they are no longer intrepid mentors of mirth, but cautious clowns with an impossible task of making the easily offended, become self-effacing.

This is how comedy becomes tragedy…

My love for Joan Rivers came from my late parents, who adored her work. Her passing caused me to mourn another piece of them, leaving this earth. But I also mourn for younger generations growing up in an ever-abating freedom to laugh at themselves…and the joy that freedom creates.

Yes indeed I pray…May Joan Rivers’ memory be a blessing and may her family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. May we honor her memory by : 1) Standing up for Israel and the Jewish people, and by 2) Exercising the gift of free speech…that many gave their very lives to preserve…

…and that Joan used to help us grow a thick skin on our feelings…and a thin skin on our funny bones…”OH, GROW UP!”

Shalom through strength…


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