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Quran-Loving Vandals Send Churches a Troubling Message


With rumors that the Islamic State—commonly known as ISIS—is already on American soil, graffiti on Columbus, Indiana, churches is making saints more than a little nervous.

Fox 59 reports graffiti artists have vandalized three Columbus churches, “tagging” them with a chapter and verse from the Quran.

Specifically, vandals spray-painted the word “infidels” and “Qur’an 3:151” on the front and side of St. Bartholomew’s Catholic Church.

“It’s upsetting to people, certainly because we have a beautiful church, but also because what is the message if there is a message? Because, there’s just not a whole lot to go on,” Father Doug Marcotte, associate pastor for St. Bartholomew Catholic Church, told Fox 59, an Indianapolis television station.

According to Fox’s Eric Levy, Lakeview Church of Christ in Columbus and East Columbus Christian Church were also hit with pro-Islamic graffiti in the same period.


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