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Still No Strategy: ‘What Will Obama Not Do Now?’


(1 min Audio Report – Faith2Action)


“What will Obama not do now?”

Those are the words of Col. Allen West at the second beheading of an American, Steven Slotloff by ISIS.

Beheadings, mass executions, genocide of Christians and non-Muslims.

While England’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, stated that ISIS was a “greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before,” He raised their terror threat to severe.

President Obama, on the other hand, announced to the world, including ISIS terrorists eager to cross our open border, “We don’t have a strategy yet.”

And now 11 commercial jetliners are missing after the Islamist takeover of the airport in Tripoli.

Call your Congressional Representative and ask for them to put together a strategy before it’s too late.


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