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Dr. Alveda King: ‘President Obama, Bring Us Back to God.’


Dr. Alveda King appeared on Cavuto on the Fox network to promote her recent book, titled “King Rules.” She also discussed the lack of spirituality and devotion to God in our nation’s leadership. “I’m 64 years old and in America, ‘One Nation under God’ and ‘In God we trust,’ she said.  “Have we been perfect? No. Do we have our problems? Yes. But then to have the leader of our country at one point say, ‘We are no longer a Christian nation’… Where is the righteous indignation?”

King discussed the importance of devotion to God in handling not only terror groups like ISIS but in also dealing with the race riots in Ferguson, Missouri. “I believe if you have God-fearing leaders in place they are going to get the wisdom that’s required,” she commented.

“President Obama, call on the leaders of prayer in this nation. Bring us back to God,” she implored.

View video below:


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