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It’s September 2014 — Do You Know Where Your GOP Candidates Stand on the Issues?


[Editor’s note: Every state in the union needs groups with the guts to do the research on, and report the facts regarding, the policy positions of the candidates fielded by that state’s Republican Party. MassResistance shows how it can be done (and often what such research reveals) in the following two excerpted posts.]

How left-wing & anti-family is Charlie Baker, the Mass GOP establishment’s candidate for Governor?

Answer: Even more than when he ran four years ago!

Four years ago, when Baker was the GOP nominee, we did an assessment of Baker’s far-left, anti-family view and actions. Well, as we cruise into the Sept. 9 primary with Baker against conservative underdog Mark Fisher, it’s time for an update. Needless to say, things have only gotten worse.

These days it’s very seductive for the GOP across the country to think that they can avoid confrontation with the Left by abandoning their supporters’ principles on “culture war” and “hot button” issues and instead promoting on things like “good management.” But that’s wishful thinking. (See the recent post, “The Left isn’t pro-gay, it’s pro-power.”)

Nevertheless, Massachusetts is the nation’s poster child of that trend. And Charlie Baker, the Mass. GOP establishment’s torch-bearer again this year, is Exhibit A.

Charlie Baker marches in Boston Gay Pride in 2010.Behind him, in white shirts holding his signs, are the two homosexual activists who ran the “KnowThyNeighbor” website used to harass Christians who signed the Marriage Amendment referendum in Massachusetts.
[MassResistance photo]

Read more: MassResistance

How the Mass. GOP establishment worked tirelessly to try to destroy the campaign of Mark Fisher, conservative candidate for Governor.

But as Sept. 9 primary nears, Tea Party activists are fighting back!
How MassResistance made the difference . . .

Most people assume that the major threat to getting conservatives elected to high office is the liberal Democratic machine. In recent years there’s been another major front in that war: The Republican Party establishment –both state and national. This is fueled by millions of dollars from “progressive Republican” businessmen. And, sadly, it includes many sellout pro-family groups and politicians.

Fisher at the GOP convention:”I am a full-platform no-excuses-necessary loyal and proud conservative Republican … [Around the country] conservative solutions are the cure for liberal failures … The time has come to tear down that big liberal tent.”This kind of talk drives the GOP establishment crazy!

But we’ve never seen anything like the Massachusetts Republican Party’s outrageous (and we believe, criminal) efforts to subvert pro-family/Tea Party candidate Mark Fisher’s campaign for governor, which we’ve detailed below.

During Fisher’s speech, former Mass. Governor Bill Weld (sitting, at right), a RINO who voted for Barack Obama, looks up at Mark Fisher and you can tell he’s not happy!

A disturbing national trend explodes in Massachusetts

Ever since the days of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, there’s been a tension between the GOP establishment — who felt they could avoid the Left’s hostile attacks by appeasing them on most “hot-button” issues — and the conservative base who vote on principle. In recent years, this has led to many high-profile battles with Tea Party backed candidates in Republican primaries, which has angered the establishment considerably.

So now we’re seeing the next step: The aggressive purging of conservative candidates for high office before they can get a foothold.

Read more: MassResistance


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