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Ethical ALS ICE Bucket Challenge Proposed for Pro-Lifers

Colorado Springs, CO —  On Tuesday, August 26, 2014, Florida Family Policy President John Stemberger challenged pro-life supporters to start a new “Ethical and Principled ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”.  Stemberger, who appears in a video that was taken outside of the Focus on the Family campus in Colorado Springs, suggested there were three parts to a new ethical and principled ALS ice bucket challenge, which is similar to a social phenomenon that is sweeping the country via Facebook and Twitter.

Many pro-life groups have expressed serious concerns about the recent viral promotion of thousands of videos where people are challenged to donate one hundred dollars to the ALS Association in Washington, D.C., or dump icy water on themselves.  The ALS Association unapologetically conducts human embryonic stem cell research which always involves the destruction and killing of a human embryo.  The killing of fully human embryos has serious ethical implications and many bio-ethicists are strongly opposed to the practice.

The first part of Stemberger’s challenge is that people should actually tell people what the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease) is so that they are educated as to the nature of this seriously debilitating, and ultimately fatal disease.  Stemberger continues to suggest that a more principle challenge would involve actually donating some amount of money and not just dump ice on themselves.  He said, “No amount of freezing ice and water is going to actually help the goal of more research toward finding a cure to this fatal disease.” The third part of the new pro-life challenge is that, those who are concerned about social justice and human rights, should only give to medical institutions who are not doing human embryonic stem cell research and instead are conducting adult stem cell research.

Stemberger pledged to give one hundred dollars each to the Mayo Clinic (Dr. Windebank ALS team), the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center (MSCTC), the John Paul II Medical Research Institute and the Adult Stem Cell Technology Center, LLC, all institutions that are only performing safe and ethical adult stem cell research from bone marrow or skin grafts.

Before being “baptized” in freezing ice and water by Brad Miller of CitizenLink, Stemberger issued the new icy challenge to Jim Daly President of Focus on the Family, Russell D. Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptist Convention and Mark Hancock the CEO of Trail Life USA.

The 3 min 50 second video of the new ice bucket challenge video along with the Family Research Council BLOG by Dr. David Prentice who in part inspired Stemberger with this idea, can be seen here.

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