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African baby sleeping on mom’s back in Accra, Ghana

‘Song of the Unborn’


(1 min Audio Report – Faith2Action)


I want to share an email I received from Gerri Milosevich, who wrote what she called the “Song of the Unborn:”

I am so very tiny, I am so very small

It may be hard to see me, or hear me when I call

But one thing that I know for sure, one thing that is so plain,

If you would try to hurt me, I know I’d feel the pain.

And those who say I’m nothing would be so very wrong,

For though I am so tiny, my heart beats very strong.

Ohio Governor John Kasich can protect beating hearts by calling for the Heartbeat Bill. Ask him to when you call: 614-466-3555, that’s : 614-466-3555.


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