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ALERT: This could Stop Illegals Onslaught into the USA WE NEED YOU THERE!


Many of you have asked me “What can I do to help stop Obama’s destruction of my country from illegal thugs and terrorists?” The following may supply a big part of the answer.

With regards to the case Taitz v [Jeh] Johnson et al, Attorney Orly Taitz is seeking to sue the U.S. government’s DHS in order to issue an emergency stay and eventually nullify DACA (Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals). Orly is currently seeking the emergency action ‘to grant a stay of all trafficking of illegal aliens” and “stay implementation of DACA (Deferred Action on Child Arrivals).”

On 1 August 2014, U.S. District Court Judge Andrew S. Hanen issued an Order to Show Cause to the Obama government as to why he should not issue the stay.

Note: In a recent prior case, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reversed his position when Dallas citizens protested against his initial decision to keep the illegals and demanded that he do so. We need as many as can make it to the courthouse in Brownsville, Texas this Wednesday!

This is OUR COUNTRY, folks. We have worked to build it, while the Obama syndicate and his foreign invaders (most are not children but, are gang members and Islamic terrorists) and diligently working to kill it. Even with respect to the real children, Obama has ordered them to be released into American society without any checks for the already-identified myriad diseases they are bringing into the USA. Shouldn’t our children be protected first?


Here’s the information:

U.S. District Courthouse
Judge Andrew S. Hanen, Courtroom 6
1:30 p.m. Texas Time (Central Time) Wednesday August 27
600 Harrison Street
Brownsville, Texas

TX Federal judge issues Order To Show Cause; Response due in 10 days

Please, forward this to every Congressman, Senator, sheriff.  Demand that they stand up for this country.



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