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Why We Stand for the Family

By Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D. – BarbWire guest contributor

[Dr. Morse gives us a brief synopsis of the state of affairs for marriage and the family in our country today. Utah is now the hot seat for this issue, which is why Dr. Morse has been invited to speak next month at the Utah Stand for the Family event. This is a crucial time for those of us on the side of tradition and values to unite. Please read Dr. Morse’s exhortation below.]

Why should we stand for the family, or for marriage, or for any of the culturally conservative issues?

The Judicial Elites have handed down a disastrous series of Federal Court decisions, solidifying governmental commitment to the ideology of the Sexual Revolution. The Entertainment Elites seem to celebrate every family form, except the natural family of a loving father and mother faithful to one another and raising their own children together. The Media Elites continue their shameless manipulation of public opinion. The Economic Elites pour money into political campaigns and propaganda campaigns designed to prop up the structure of the Sexual Revolution. Academic Elites continue their behind-the-scenes scribbling, advocating for recreating marriage, the family and even the human body, in their own image.

In the face of all these cultural, legal and social headwinds, why should we Stand for the Family?

We should Stand for the Family precisely because the situation seems dire: we must build a record for posterity.

Our responsibility at this time and in this place, is to show future generations that the ordinary people of America did not want the dismantling of marriage. This was thrust upon us by the Elites.

Thirty years from now, one hundred years from now, when the wreckage wrought by the Sexual Revolution will be obvious to everyone, people will look back and know we fought for them.

We hear demands for “marriage equality.” But we never hear about equality for children. Why do some children have a legally recognized right to the care and support of both their parents, and other children do not?

We hear about adults and their desire to have children. Why don’t we ever hear about children and their desire to have their own parents?

We hear that children will be fine with any combination of adults, so long as they love each other and love the child.

But isn’t this just an updated version of the old lies we were told about divorce: “children will be fine as long as their parents are happy: kids are resilient?”

At the Ruth Institute, we do not agree that we must accept new and more radical episodes of Sexual Revolutionary social engineering when no one has even cleaned up the mess from the last round.

I have been invited by the women from Family Watch International and Celebration of Marriage in Utah to speak at their upcoming “Stand for the Family” conference. One of them said to me,

Utah is now the hot seat for the marriage debate in the entire nation, as our court cases are officially ascending the stairs of the Supreme Court. The majority of our state’s population is firmly pro-marriage, but they are hesitant to step forward on this issue and are in need of clear and compelling education on the key issues involving marriage. Will you come speak at this important and timely conference?

As you may imagine, I agreed at once! I have also committed the Ruth Institute to being a sponsor for the event. This is my way of showing solidarity with the people of Utah. And with future generations.

Information below:

Please help us Stand for the Family. Plan now to come to the rally at the State House in Salt Lake City on the evening of Thursday, September 18, 2014.

Plan now to come to the all-day conference, Stand for the Family, in Provo on Friday, September 19, 2014.

Your participation will set the record straight: the ordinary people of America did not want the systematic redefinition of marriage. We did not want the systematic redefinition of parenthood.

If you are unable to attend, you can still help:
• Share this message with your friends in Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming. Encourage them to come.
Send us a gift to offset our costs.

By the time it is all said and done, our cost for participation will amount to about $5,000: our sponsorship fee, the travel costs for Jennifer Johnson and me to get out there and back, and many other expenses.

My friends, these are expenses we did not budget for. Yet I feel strongly that the Ruth Institute must be in Utah on September 18 and 19. Please help us.

A gift to us right now is a gift for the future of marriage in Utah, and perhaps the country. As you may know, I am not optimistic about immediate success in the court or legislature. But I am optimistic about the long-run future of marriage.

There is no future without marriage.

We intend to Stand for the Family.

Will you Stand With Us?

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse is Founder and President of the Ruth Institute, which inspires the Survivors of the Sexual Revolution to recover from their negative experiences and share their stories with the young. Join us here.


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