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MSNBC Host: Obama ‘is Spock’, Golfing Shows ISIS He’s ‘One Cold Bastard’

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough defended yesterday’s photos of a smiling President Barack Obama golfing shortly after a press conference on beheaded American journalist James Foley, arguing that it showed ISIS that America would not be terrorized, as opposed to photos of Obama wringing his hands in the Oval Office.

“Because this is how they make their money, right?” Scarborough said Thursday morning. “Al Qaeda funded their operations by kidnapping Europeans and getting ransom money. [But now] they are negotiating with Spock, with a pitching wedge…I’m sure there may even be one or two terrorists over in Syria right now that are looking at him and going ‘Wow, that’s one cold bastard. He goes golfing?’” “It’s horrible for the parents, but it does send a message…These are horrible, horrible optics domestically. But for terrorists it’s basically, ‘Screw you. We’re not going to live by your rules.’”

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