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The Media’s Unwritten Rule For Political Scandals


In an opinion article for National Review Online, L. Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center says the “mainstream” media have an unwritten rule for covering scandals: hide Democrat problems and showcase Republican ones.

“It is a commitment to abide by the rules of journalism with one party and then a deliberate attempt to protect the other, even if it means violating the most basic rules of news reporting,” Bozell writes.

He also provided outrageous examples of media bias that favored liberals and attacked conservatives:

“On March 10, 2008, news broke that New York governor Eliot Spitzer had been linked to a prostitution ring. It took NBC News four nights to acknowledge Spitzer’s party affiliation. In its first two days of coverage, Matt Lauer’s Today show ran 18 segments on the scandal and never once identified him as a Democrat.But what happens when a Republican elected official is linked to a prostitute? In July 2007, Senator David Vitter of Louisiana was revealed as a client in the phone records of the so-called D.C. Madam. Every broadcast network ran stories on the scandal and every story underscored that Vitter was a Republican.”

But Bozell isn’t telling conservatives anything we don’t know. He’s just offering up proof that media bias exists and that, most of the time, it minimizes Democrat scandals and highlights Republican ones.

Liberty Counsel Action also understands that, which is why we’ve launched an initiative to get the truth about congressional candidates to millions of Americans before Election Day. You can look beyond the campaign rhetoric and the media’s selective reporting to find out where lawmakers really stand!

Liberty Counsel Action wants to empower you to support and vote for candidates who represent your values and priorities.

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We want to put the voting records and political stances of congressional candidates in the palm of your hand. Our Congressional Scorecard Covering the 113th Congress identifies which lawmakers deserve your vote on November 4.

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