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Legal Abortion at 39 Weeks Targets Babies With Disabilities


How is aborting a baby at 39 weeks any different than birthing the child and murdering it while the mother watches? It’s not, not really—but that is what is happening in the United Kingdom.

Just when I thought I’d heard everything, I read about a mother chose to abort her 39-week baby using a loophole that allows termination where there is a “significant risk” the child will be born with a disability.

And it’s not the first time. According to the Department of Health, at least three other women had abortions at 37 and 38 weeks. Full term is 37 weeks, although some babies are birthed earlier or later.

Conservative PM Fiona Bruce called the law “medieval, cruel and discriminatory.” I can think of another words to describe it: murderous.

“We have a Jekyll and Hyde approach to disability,” Lord MP Rob Flello said, according to The Express. “On one hand the entire country can be united in praise of paralympians. On the other we can permit the abortion of children at nine months simply for the crime of having a disability.”

So what kind of disabilities are we talking about? Express reports that a parliamentary commission investigation reveals you can abort a baby right up until the moment before it’s naturally delivered for something as insignificant as a club foot.

If that’s not troubling enough, consider that at least one doctor reported that some occasions a wrong diagnosis had been given and the dead fetus was found to have no disability, Express reports.


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