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Stunning Attempt by Congressional Dems to Overturn All State and Federal Abortion Restrictions


Readers who hold the unbiblical notion that the rhetoric of Christians is restricted to “nice” words expressed in mellow, smooth jazz tones, stop reading now, because evil federal legislation is wending its way through the U.S. Senate, and this writer intends to write about it with the kind of rhetoric it deserves.

A hearing was held yesterday on the deviously named ultra-partisan “Women’s Health Protection Act” (S. 1696). If passed this legislation would effectively overturn virtually every state statute that provides limits on the murder of preborn babies, including laws that ban third-trimester partial birth abortions.

The bill’s sponsor, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), has secured 35 co-sponsors in the U.S. Senate and an identical bill (H.R. 3471) in the U.S. House of Representatives has 124 cosponsors—the usual rogues’ gallery of ethically challenged Democratic lawmakers (including our own senator, Dick Durbin, who in his 32 long years of government employment has done such a masterful job of helping Illinois become a national beacon of moral rectitude).

The title of this bill is devious and ironic. First and foremost, this bill includes not a passing mention of the babies whose right to life has no meaning to the death merchants among us who care more about the desires of adult women than the lives of tiny girls and boys. Every year approximately 500,000 female babies are killed in utero in America, you know, females who would have one day become women whose votes—I mean “health”—the bill’s sponsors care so deeply about.

The truth is that this law will overturn laws that strengthen regulations that protect women from unsafe, unsanitary abattoir conditions.

This bill includes multiple categories of prohibitions, some of which refer to the ambiguous and infinitely elastic criterion of women’s “health” (as distinct from the less ambiguous criterion of “life”). And there are other terms left problematically undefined, including “medically unnecessary,” “good-faith medical judgment,” and “medically comparable procedures.”

In addition to overturning bans on partial-birth, late-term abortions, the passage of this law would make illegal the following:

  • Laws banning abortions after viability
  • Laws banning abortion after 20 weeks (these are laws which protect preborn babies from experiencing pain)
  • Laws banning sex-selection abortions
  • Laws requiring medical tests like sonograms or fetal heart beat tests to be performed before an abortion
  • Laws that require women seeking abortions to be provided with information regarding the development stages of their preborn babies
  • Laws that require short waiting (i.e., reflection) periods before having an abortion
  • Laws the strengthen safety requirements for abortion facilities
  • Laws that limit or prohibit the use of state funds and facilities for abortions

This bill is so grotesque in its shameless barbarism that all decent humans, including women young and old, should oppose it.

When it comes to laws pertaining to sexuality, liberals are not tolerant. They aren’t inclusive. They aren’t compassionate. And they certainly aren’t “progressive.” They are intolerant, exclusive, unloving, uncivilized tyrants hell-bent on imposing their anti-humanity sexuality dogma on every American and in every cultural arena of American life. Maybe dogmatic, presumptuous regressives are correct when they charge conservatives with  trying to impose morality through laws (which, of course, is what laws are intended to do). In contrast, regressives are trying to impose immorality everywhere on everyone. Their motto: Leave no moral stone unturned, and then turn every moral stone into a gravestone.


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