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The Democratic Party: My, How Things Change…


My, how things change…or devolve, especially when liberalism is allowed to flourish in a society.

Hard to believe that just 20 years ago, there was still enough morality left in the Democrat Party for the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives to unanimously approve, and for the Democrat-controlled Senate to approve with only three dissenting vote, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act…that they now pretty much universally despise and seek to annihilate.

The Heritage Foundation has put together this graphic to show how Democrats have changed in the past 20 years. They’ve gone from an organization (pretty close to morally bankrupt at the time) which recognized the sacred nature of religious freedom…to one that is openly and aggressively hostile to religious freedom.

And lest you think it’s only the Democrat Party that is devolving, I cannot number the times in the past 2+ years or so that I have been maligned, insulted, and had some pretty nasty things said about me for championing Christian values…and these things have been said on a “Republican” website frequented by people who claim to be “Republicans.”

Let’s turn it around, people…or we’re going to lose it. Stop tolerating Leftist attacks, you conservatives.



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