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Happy 238th, America. Will We Make 250?


America is in crisis. Existential crisis. It’s quite possible that in the next few years, we will cease to be a significant nation, and we may cease to exist as a nation at all.

The citizens snooze as our own President thumbs his nose at the Constitution, uses the government as a weapon against his political enemies, and works to bring down the nation itself.  Half of Congress is cheering him on, and the other half is too inept to resist him.  Our deficit spending is ruinous, and  our politicians resolutely refuse to deal with it. Judges are eviscerating the Constitution to advance an alien ideology, even using foreign law to justify their edicts. We cannot summon the political will to control our own borders, much less uphold the rule of law.  Electoral fraud appears to be rampant, yet remains uninvestigated.  Our cultural and political elites are rejecting the most basic tenet of cultural morality, the definition of marriage and family, and they actively promote sin amongst the citizenry. The root of our problem is theological: we are no longer one nation under God.

To mark Independence Day, BarbWire is presenting a series of articles that identify the principal threats that face the nation. They come from within. We begin with articles by Rob Cunningham, Steve Deace and Dennis Behreandt, discussing American civic and political values and identifying where we’ve gone astray.

Next, my article, “ ‘Gay Marriage,’ Distant Consequences,” shows how the nation has gone off the rails morally and theologically, and is moving rapidly down the same road to destruction followed by many civilizations that have gone before us, and are no longer here. Bob Morrison, Allan Erickson and Bill Muehlenberg expand on the moral insanity theme. Muehlenberg’s magisterial “Cultural Marxism” identifies the political and cultural movement that undermined the moral and political values that built America, paved the way for the massive expansion of government, and promises to bring us to our knees, as it is already doing in Western Europe and Canada.

We offer one slender ray of hope: Peter LaBarbera’s insightful analysis of the Hobby Lobby decision points out that religious liberty, not Obamacare, was the real issue in the case. A razor-thin five-justice majority of the Supreme Court is still willing to recognize that the First Amendment free exercise of religion extends outside the sanctuary and into the public square, and gives hope to those bakers and photographers currently being targeted by the self-interested and self-indulgent civil wrongs movement. While we must give thanks that we are not Progressive Government’s serfs quite yet, we still must ask why upholding the First Amendment was not a slam dunk 9-0 decision? Why? Because four of the Court’s nine justices are jackbooted radicals, eager to tread on freedom of conscience – the most fundamental, God-given right of man – as they march toward their secular utopian pipe dream. The next Obama Supreme Court nominee could tip the balance and nullify the First Amendment. That awful reality raises another question: what has become of our Constitution when the Supreme Court has become powerful enough to upend society’s moral order?

We hope to raise the alarm and provoke discussion of possible solutions to our problems. Eminent talk show host Mark Levin’s convention of the states would be a helpful first step, as it could wrest power away from our rapacious federal government and bring it closer to the people, where the power in America is supposed to reside. Another necessary step must be to rein in judicial supremacy, reverse the morally calamitous recent decisions of the Supreme Court, and restore the judiciary to its Constitutionally designated role as umpires, rather than as players on the political field.   We must break the Left’s stranglehold on news, entertainment and education.

Still, to restore America, we’ll have to go deeper, into the souls of Americans themselves.

We must restore the primacy of virtues such as honor, honesty, sexual sobriety, and subordination of self-interest to the general interest.  The nation’s citizens must accept personal responsibility for themselves, their families and their communities. If instead we approach every political decision by what’s in our selfish interest, rather than what’s best for everybody, no solution will be good enough. Our nation will be lost.

Above all, we must regain our respect for God’s authority and moral order.  God has judged many nations before ours, and we will not be exempt even though we were founded to be His city on a hill.  When His judgment comes, it will be swift and final.


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