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Hobby Lobby Case Not Just a Win, but An Important First Step


The good news is a majority of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court can still read the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The bad news is four of our Supreme Court justices could give a rip what it says.

By a scant 5-4 majority, the Supreme Court ruled the Obama regime cannot use the Obamacare mandate to force a private, for-profit business like Hobby Lobby to pay for the taking of innocent human life. Contrary to what you’ve been told in the media, Hobby Lobby was already voluntarily offering its employees over 90% of the contraception Obamacare demands in its benefits package before this battle began. This dispute was really about certain kinds of contraception methods — abortion and abortifacients — that result in the killing of innocent life.

But at the heart of the matter was this question: is the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution still constitutional?

A razor-thin majority of our black-robed overlords agreed in a narrowly-worded decision written by Justice Samuel Alito, which says “closely-held” companies like Hobby Lobby “do not forfeit their freedoms” once they organize into a corporation. It’s the first time SCOTUS has said for-profit companies have a religious exemption, mainly because this is the first lawless administration to push this constitutional question to its breaking point.

Still undetermined is what this means for publicly traded companies.

Can the federal government mandate they use their proceeds for the killing of children? Since we know the Social Reconstructionists on the Left won’t stop pressing this question, rest assured we will find out. However, this opinion is also likely a preview of further defeats for the Obama regime still to come. There are several non-profit challenges to the Obamacare killing mandate making their way through the courts, including the highly-publicized one involving the Little Sisters of the Poor. If SCOTUS has already said a for-profit company like Hobby Lobby has a religious exemption, it’s hard to see how it’s possible religious non-profits don’t as well.

But while we’re celebrating this win, we need to realize it’s really just a first step.

For decades we have seen our freedoms and liberties previous generations took for granted eroded by statism — the pace of which has been greatly accelerated by the Marxist regime in the White House.  These people will not stop until we defeat them.

They suffered a defeat today, but more so we established an important first step in reclaiming our liberty. For the same SCOTUS that said two years ago in the Obamacare case there is no limit to government power provided it’s a tax under the 16th Amendment, just said there are limits to government authority if it acts in violation of the First Amendment. It’s been a long time since a premise was established in this country that there are real limits to government power. Even in the instances we’ve won we’ve only limited the method of government power, not government power itself.

Also keep in mind how this win came about. Not through our corrupt political system that typically conspires against everyday Americans to get their way. It came about because the Green family that owns Hobby Lobby acted on their Christian conviction, and were willing to stand in the gap on behalf of millions of others who share their belief in freedom. This is yet another reminder the change we need will not come from the powers-that-be, but from the same power source that established liberty on this continent in the first place — our desire to live as free men made in the image of God.

And while our rights come from God and not government regardless of what any branch of government says, given the perception of importance placed on these SCOTUS opinions (which directly contradict what our Founding Fathers intended), and the fact that by winning at the court we essentially beat the Left at their own game, from a messaging standpoint we should be trumpeting this opinion far and wide.

If we play our cards right, and God grants us a favor, we can use this as a momentum changer. That’s mainly thanks to the Green family, who just became the Rosa Parks of the religious liberty fight. Just as her refusal to comply with an unjust edict on a bus one day blew the lid off the civil rights movement, perhaps the Greens’ refusal to comply with Obamacare’s unjust edict can accomplish the same for a similarly worthy cause.

But that won’t happen if we “settle” for this win like we have all too many others. The race is not to the swift, but the diligent. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. We have been losing our freedom mainly because we have been out-hustled by our opponents — victims of our own complacency. Let’s pray that God can use this opinion as a galvanizing moment, when we were reminded again that we’re not just right, but that our cause is righteous.

And if we lose we not only take our children’s futures down with us but the last, best hope for freedom for a world in bondage to sin as well.


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