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Trinity Of Evil: Satanism, Sodomy-Based ‘Marriage,’ and Abortion


For obvious reasons, many in the pro-abortion and homosexual movements will adamantly deny their unmistakable connection to the demonic forces that are assaulting the moral foundations of our country. However, they have recently acquired a new ally in the national spokesman for the Satanic Temple, who not only recognizes the commonality of their corrupt cause, but has also pledged to join them in their fight to promote baby dismemberment and sexual deviancy. It’s an insidious trinity of evil: Satanism, sodomy-based “marriage,” and infanticide.

In a recent interview with Detroit’s Metro Times, Lucien Greaves (aka Doug Mesner) stated that he plans to help women defy pro-life abortion restrictions by encouraging them to identify such laws as a violation of their satanic religious beliefs. Greaves also accurately identified same-sex “marriage” as a satanic “sacrament.”

According to LifeSiteNew, Greaves has expressed his extreme displeasure with some newly-enacted Michigan laws that have placed common sense limitations on baby butcher shops, and he has brazenly vowed to provide his satanic support to the radical Leftist culture of death.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) recently signed a few laws mandating the availability of ultrasound equipment, improved health standards for abortion facilites, proper disposal of aborted babies, and the prevention of coerced abortions. Because of these laws, Greaves has complained that the Republican governor “has been trying to make it untenable for women to terminate a pregnancy.”

LifeSiteNews further reported:

Greaves told the website, far from anti-social teenage hoodlums, his Luciferian followers are “civic-minded, socially responsible Satanists.”

“One of the things we felt strongly about is gay rights,” Greaves said.

Snyder, whom he dubbed an “idiot governor,” has allowed “his loathing of homosexuals to trump his adhesion [sic] to the Constitution,” he said. “To us, marriage is a sacrament. We recognize it, and we think the state would have to recognize the marriage on religious liberty grounds.”

He said he would personally like to conduct such [same-sex] ceremonies in Michigan, where Judge Bernard Friedman struck down the state’s marriage protection amendment in March.

The Satanic Temple’s affirmation of abortion and redefining marriage “perhaps accidentally affirm the position of many in the pro-life movement that assaults on innocent human life and the family are demonic in origin,” Adam Cassandra, communications manager of Human Life International, told LifeSiteNews.

As Pope Francis has so often pointed out, Satan really exists,” he said. “Even as they advocate for ‘justice’ and ‘rights,’ they identify with the one who has been the source of all evil and deception throughout human history.”

At times, some liberal progressives have invoked demonic forces in their lobbying efforts. Last July, a group of abortion supporters chanted “Hail Satan!” while pro-life Christians sang “Amazing Grace” at the Texas statehouse before the passage of that state’s ban on abortions after 20 weeks.

“This move by the Satanic Temple simply makes this argument that there’s some deception or evil behind the worldwide attack on preborn life and marriage that much stronger,” Cassandra told LifeSiteNews.

Greaves and the Satanic Temple’s disciples of darkness have already been fighting for satanic prayer in public schools, a statue to the devil in Oklahoma, and a Black Mass at Harvard. Now, they are joining the diabolical effort to promote abortion and undermine true marriage. It’s a match made in hell.

In July of last year, Greaves went to the Magnolia Cemetery in Meridian, Mississippi and performed a “Pink Mass” over the tombstone of Catherine Idalette Johnston, the mother of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps Jr. The satanic ritual was supposedly devised to turn her straight spirit into a lesbian. As a result of this ridiculous stunt, Greaves was charged with desecrating a cemetery. Apparently, the Satanic Temple has some kind of strange fixation with homosexuality and it’s demonic origins.

Greaves has stated that the Satanic Temple’s next goal is to hire lobbyists in Washington, D.C. to promote abortion and the normalization of homosexuality. Since Satanism has often been tied to the glorification of death and sexually deviant behavior, this evil effort should really come as no surprise. In fact, Greaves has merely revealed what we’ve known all along — Satanism, sodomy, and slaughter are each part of the Devil’s sinister agenda to destroy America.


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