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Sex ‘Educators’ Push the Proverbial Envelope–Again


Click here  (*WARNING: Repellent photo*) to see what was shown to eighth-graders recently at Pine Valley Middle School in (where else) California. It was part of a “humorous” sex education presentation that included hilarious jokes about “women on top” and “douchebags.” This from the crowd that insists on “ factually and medically accurate” and “age-appropriate” sex ed material.

Parents are not amused.

Not surprisingly, comprehensive sex “educators” have no concern about general, unqualified appropriateness in sex ed. Outside of the notion of consent, they have no discernible measures for determining appropriateness. Nothing seems objectively inappropriate to them—no joke, no topic, no perversion is inappropriate. Actually, one wonders if they have a category for perversion. It is a term that seems to no have meaning to them.

“Progressive” “educators” will dismiss this “humorous” bloody image as not representative of typical comprehensive sex ed resources, but taxpayers should not be lulled into complacency by their dismissal. Proponents of sexually titillating or graphic resources in public schools will first claim that this image is aberrant—the choice of a rogue, unsupervised teacher. Then behind the scenes they will mock outraged parents as prudish, alarmist, and reactionary. And anyway–according to pontificating “educators”–kids see worse than this on television.

Pay no attention to the fools and deceivers behind the curtain. Our putrescent culture should not dictate what tax dollars subsidize. Education should seek to elevate the human spirit not vomit out our toxic culture to impressionable young minds.

It is hoped that this event will renew agitation about the current state and future of sex education. While Americans are in this agitated state, they should spend some time studying what are essentially common core standards for sex ed. An unholy alliance of the worst organizations working within our public school system have come up with their plan to nationalize sex ed—a plan at least as troubling as the Common Core Standards for English and Math. The National Sexuality Education Standards  were revealed 2 1/2 years ago and have received far too little exposure and critical analysis. As with anything that the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United State (SIECUS); Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN); Planned Parenthood; and the National Education Association (NEA) concoct, these standards intend to expose even our littlest ones to positive images of and ideas about homosexuality and gender confusion.

While taxpayers wait and watch for these standards to come to their children’s classes, they should contact their school’s health teachers and find out if they’re already inculcating children with “progressive” beliefs about homosexuality and if so, if they’re telling students about the horrific health risks that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) identify for the “Men Who Have Sex With Men” (MSM).

As regular readers of IFI know, I rarely agree with far-left Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn, but last Friday he wrote this:

Anyone who has ever lived with 12-year-olds…knows that they’re impulsive, naïve and malleable by nature. Delightful as they can be, you wouldn’t trust them to vote, drive, carry guns, have sex or drink alcohol responsibly. You wouldn’t leave them home alone for a weekend.

Because they’re children.

They lack the temperament, maturity, life experience and independent judgment we expect of adults.

Precisely. And that’s why children should not be exposed to obscene or graphic images of sexuality or non-factual assumptions about the nature and morality of homoerotic acts and relationships and behaviors related to gender dysphoria.


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