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Occupy the Bathroom Stalls!


So here’s a suggestion: when you’re thinking about a family vacation this summer, it might be a good call to go ahead and cross Houston, Texas off your list.  That’s because the radical lesbian mayor of the city has, with the help of the city council, shoved down the throats of every citizen in that municipality a law that makes all public restrooms in their jurisdiction open hunting grounds for the deviants, perverts and molesters.  But remember, of course, that this gay movement is only about respecting their privacy and ability to live as they desire.  There’s no larger agenda to obliterate all moral barriers regarding sexuality.  Not at all.

Mayor Annise Parker signed the council’s ordinance making it “legal for men to use women’s bathrooms, showers and dressing facilities – and vice-versa,” and actually called the law the “most personally meaningful thing I will ever do as mayor.”  Boy that says a lot about the competence, purpose and value of her administration, doesn’t it?  “The ordinance’s stated goal is to eliminate discrimination in housing and employment for gays, transgenders…”

Stop right there.

Go back and read the stated goal, and this time instead of feeling your way through it (which is what liberals thrive on, and therefore train children to do in the government re-education centers known as public schools), this time think about what that really means.

For the sake of time, let’s just consider the employment side of this.  Every employer in their right mind “discriminates” when they choose some applicants over others.  For instance, if you are running a moving company and are hiring a new person to load trucks, you will logically “discriminate” against people with no arms, or who have an aversion to manual labor.  If you are running a tutoring center for students struggling with English, you will “discriminate” against foreign applicants who do not speak the language.  That’s not hateful or mean-spirited.  It’s logical.  And it’s necessary.

So wipe away this notion that “discrimination” in the workplace is always bad.  Without being discriminating there would be no workplace because businesses would fold and flop faster than they could get off the ground.

Understanding that, let’s think logically about a hypothetical daycare in Houston run perhaps by a group of Christian women.  Since other good, Christian people are entrusting these ladies with the well-being of their children, the daycare operators are very discriminating about who they employ.  Background checks are a must, demeanor is observed, patience is a necessity, and moral character is of the highest importance.  When a drag queen walks in looking for a job, just like the tattooed man who swears a blue streak, these ladies aren’t going to give them the time of day.  To a sane society, that makes sense.

But to one that is so consumed with the politically correct faux “equal rights” demands of the latest fad group in the ongoing cultural sexual rebellion, it becomes grounds for a lawsuit.  And that is precisely what Mayor Parker and her complicit city council have orchestrated.  When your 5th grade son comes home from basketball practice and tells you that Coach Smith has started coming to practice wearing high heels and make-up instead of his gym shorts and whistle, you better not say a word.  And not just you.  The school that employs him has no right to determine his behavior is inappropriate and destructive to the young boys, and remove him from the post.  That would now violate Mayor Parker’s brave new ordinance.

Notice how this so-called anti-discrimination law bears an Orwellian title.  It doesn’t prevent discrimination.  No, instead its entire purpose is to discriminate against the conscience rights of every business, store, shop, owner and operator that falls under its jurisdiction.  As Dr. Steven Hotze puts it,

If you, as a business owner, disapprove of an individual’s actions or a person’s moral character, then you should not be coerced or forced by law to accept or approve their behavior in violation of your conscience and your First Amendment rights. According to this ordinance, if you refuse to hire or do business with those who practice or promote sodomy or other deviant sexual activities, or refuse the so called ‘transgendered’ access to female restrooms, then you would be prosecuted as a criminal. Shame on Mayor Parker and the city council for passing an ordinance that would put business owners and their businesses at risk for criminal prosecution because they would not violate their moral principles.

It’s tough to know whether there is any going back at this point.  Once the moral guideposts of your civilization have been uprooted, it is very difficult to throw them back down in the ground as you tumble down the hill of decadence and depravity.  But for those who truly do want to do their part to resist the coming calamity, the best – perhaps the only – thing left to do is to willfully and publicly denounce this action and ordinance for what it is: a daring and dastardly assault on rationality and common sense, and destructive to the well being of our children, families, and society.  Hopefully there remain enough sane people just waiting to not feel like they’re alone in their revulsion who will begin speaking up.

Of course there might be another possible response; one that uses absurdity to illustrate the absurd.  Our friends at Watchmen News suggest that it is time for all the men in Houston to start an “Occupy” movement to raise awareness.  This would be akin to the lunch counter sit-ins of the 60s, except instead of occupying a bar stool, they will just be…well…occupying a stool.  Across the city, men of common sense should start flooding the women’s restrooms in the city, proclaiming they “feel like a woman” that day.  Perhaps if this action was massive and widespread enough, the furor that would come from the women of the city that do need to access the bathroom from time to time, would expose the stupidity of what we’re allowing to happen in this country.  Occupy the Stalls 2014.


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