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Condoms Out, Drugs In: America’s New Message to Youth


If you think it’s horrifying that condoms are becoming the core of public school sex education, there’s an ominous new cloud on the horizon: federal health advice to prescribe harsh drugs for some teens as a “prophylactic” to prevent HIV.

Which teens are these? While the details are still emerging, it’s most likely to be those identified as “LGBT” and sexually active.

But wait, you say. There are no such inborn identities and no teen should be encouraged in premature intimacy, nor given unnecessary medications. Yet according to new guidelines from the federal Centers for Disease Control, a revolutionary method of HIV prevention has been launched: take a pill. And it’s virtually certain this health recommendation will be extended from adults to teens.

Why the change? Because condoms aren’t popular and their use is in decline. One is tempted to say, “We told you so.”

HIV has been treated with anti-retroviral drug therapy (trade name Truvada) since the mid-1990s to keep those who test positive from developing full-blown AIDS. Now, a lower dose will be given to those who are don’t yet test positive but are at high risk for contracting HIV. This new regime is called “PrEP,”which stands for “pre-exposure prophylaxis.”

PrEP participants will include those in relationships with someone who is HIV positive, or who are “sexually active” and don’t intend to use condoms. This is the CDC’s latest attempt to slow the epidemic without actually having to emphasize the one thing we all know works: sexual self-restraint. One could call the PrEP protocol a “promiscuity pill.”

And given the sexual anarchy movement’s focus on youth, the adolescent component of HIV risk is likely to be addressed in the near future with this approach. Around 6,000 young males each year contract HIV through homosexual sex, a number that’s been steadily increasing. Is the PrEP drug regimen the only answer?

These medications sometimes cause severe side effects, and prescribing drugs to kids should not be done without parental consent. But it may happen even without parental consent for some teens.

Teens are unsurprisingly acting like teens and not using condoms:

In a 2011 survey in the United States, of the 34% of high school students reporting sexual intercourse in the previous 3 months, 40% did not use a condom.

The CDC concludes that since HIV continues to rise among 13 to 24- year- old males who have sex with males (MSM), what else can they do? Throwing up their collective hands, the agency points to this age group’s aversion to condoms (big surprise) and will still refuse to push abstinence.

Again, our country’s most well-educated professionals will subvert common sense, the results of research, and any inclination to do what’s objectively right, to political correctness. Abstinence is off the table.

And the joke is on us, the adults, because we are sacrificing our precious children as a result. Especially at risk from a protocol like PrEP are young minority homosexual males, since they now contract HIV at a disproportionately higher rate. Some of these kids, let’s face it, are prostituting their bodies for money and/or drugs, and little is being done to stop it except hand them condoms. Many on the left support their conduct and call it “sex work,” kind of like having a summer job.

Don’t you dare think of the obvious term for this: racial cleansing. Margaret Sanger would nod approvingly. Such cleansing is already happening to unborn minority babies whose mothers disproportionately visit Planned Parenthood clinics. Actually, Planned Parenthood may get a new lease on life as they become centers for youth (as well as adults) to receive their “PrEP” shots, which will qualify for reimbursement under Title X federal funding.

And then there are the parents. There’s already plenty of precedent for bypassing the consent of parents for medical treatment. We are just learning that the Plan B pill, which sometimes acts as an abortifacient, is being given to 12 year old girls without parental consent at a Children’s Hospital in Colorado.

Yet the CDC is just stymied over the 50,000 new cases of HIV each year in the U.S., and just can’t think of anything else to do. The homosexual component of this continuing epidemic is around two thirds, and we know what causes that: anal sex between males. Does any male need to have anal sex with another male? No. This is not a hard concept to grasp.

The remaining modes of HIV transmission are primarily promiscuous heterosexual sex or intravenous drug use. None of these behaviors are essential to human happiness and productivity, and actually all are profoundly counter-productive.

The financial burden is also substantial. These drugs cost a patient $10- $30,000 a year.

But there’s more. Will schools soon be teaching about this option as part of sex education? PrEP does fit under the sexuality standards likely to be adopted under Common Core. The CDC is recommending that when PrEP is given, it is to be used with condoms. Both prevention methods are likely to be taught to students in grades 6 through 12, instead of just condom “skills” which are taught now.

Learning all about the option of a prophylactic drug would fit under Strand 5 of the sex ed standards developed by a slate of liberals, a coalition called the “Future of Sexuality Education.” These standards are ready to plug in to Common Core at the local level once the controversy dies down.

The admission of condom failure is noteworthy all by itself. Here’s what the New York Times had to say:

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have long been frustrated that the number of H.I.V. infections in the United States has barely changed in a decade, stubbornly holding at 50,000 a year, despite 30 years of official advice to rely on condoms to block transmission.

And those of us who grew up in the 60s and 70s are laughing our heads off. Rely on condoms? No one who isn’t drunk or high has ever done this. Which is why kids tragically have been the innocent targets of a pack of lies, deceived into believing that loyalty to latex guaranteed a consequence- free sexual future.

The reality is that teens, many of whom are undependable about basics like showing up for school or wearing seatbelts, are never going to use a condom “consistently and correctly” when sneaking around to have sex they shouldn’t be having. This was a recipe for disaster from the get-go.

There’s another answer, of course: launch a nationwide campaign that is pro-marriage ( the authentic man/woman kind), that emphasizes respect, responsibility, and restraint, with no “gay” or heterosexual hook-up sex. When are we going to see programs from our tax dollars that preserve, extend and enhance life instead of enabling disease and death?

Our children, all of them—rich, poor, black, brown or white—deserve so much more than we are giving them now.


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