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Audio Report: Want to Help End Abortion?


(1 min – Faith2Action)


Operation Persistent Widow 

If you’re content with merely protesting abortion, this isn’t for you. But if you actually want to END abortion…there’s a way you can help. In less than five minutes a day we can force a floor vote for the Ohio Heartbeat Bill (to protect every baby whose heartbeat can be heard). It’s called OPERATION PERSISTENT WIDOW… Because, like the persistent widow of the Bible, we’re going to wear them out with our constant knocking…or ringing in this case.

Just sign up for the time slot you’d like to call the top dozen Reps each day at Heartbeat Even if you don’t live in Ohio, your calls matter, because beyond saving Ohio babies, I believe this is the BEST language to strike the heart of Roe v. Wade .

Join the effort to END abortion with us at!


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