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Struggling With Homosexuality? Watch This Powerful New Video


(NOTE: Some may be distracted by the strong Catholic thematic elements of this video presentation, but it nevertheless emphasizes the amazing transformation that is absolutely available for everyone through an indescribably wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ — The Way, The Truth and The Life. That’s something that all Christians should be able to agree upon. Grace and truth are not confined within the four walls of a man-made edifice or some foreboding organizational structure. The Living Lord of the Universe is working and moving through the lives of all believers and in every biblically based Christian congregation.)

Have YOU heard this before about the church or Christians? —

They hate you…

think you are defective…

have no place for you…

are disgusted by you…

are afraid of you…

wish you would just go away…

are at war with you…

Based upon the comments I have received, I know that many of you who peruse my columns are convinced that this is exactly the way that I feel about you.

But it’s not true.

I promise you, it’s really not true. Not in the slightest. Not at all.

No matter what you say or think or feel about me, nothing will move me from the overwhelming love I that have for you and the pain that constantly tears at my heart on your behalf.

I admit that sometimes I get very angry, but it’s really not meant to be directed at you. I get upset not by homosexuals themselves, but by the homosexuality that I sincerely believe is destroying your life.

And honestly, it’s quite hard at times to contain my negative emotions towards the homosexual activists and the liberal establishment that I believe are deceiving and harming you as well. Jesus reacted the same way towards the Pharisees and Sadduccees (John 2). Not that I’m equating myself with the matchless Lord. However, modeling the Savior should always be our sincerest longing and highest goal.

Have I ever crossed the line and allowed my indignant feelings toward sin to seep over into my relationships with my fellow human beings? Yes. Of course, I have.

We all have. You have too. It’s not always easy to separate people from the wrong things that they do. That is, though, what Christians are actually called by God to do.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms (Eph. 6:12).

So, let me tell you what I really think about you. YOU are a profoundly exquisite, uniquely amazing, creation of God. And there will never be anyone else quite like you. You’re special. Irreplaceable. One of a kind.

YOU were made in the image of God.

That image has been marred by sin — the same is true of all people when they enter this realm of existence. However, what has been partially effaced has not been permanently erased. The Healer can miraculously restore what has been broken. Jesus is just one sincere prayer of repentance away.

As United Methodist Pastor Chad Holtz so poignantly put it: “We seem to have more faith in the brokenness into which ALL of us are born than we do the wholeness offered to us ALL in the resurrected Christ. We have more faith in our desires than we do the power of God. We have more fear of millennials leaving church than we do the God who will one day return to judge it.”

As LifeSiteNews explains:

Into this confusion comes a new film by Blackstone Films, called “The Third Way.” The title is obviously a reference to the filmmakers’ belief that the Catholic Church’s teachings constitute a kind of a “middle road” between the bigotry and ignorance that we can easily find on both sides of the debate. The film itself is a compelling, and often exquisitely beautiful, exposition of what the Church actually teaches about homosexuality, and how that teaching is not necessarily a recipe for misery and homophobia, but possibly (as crazy as it sounds) the path to all sorts of good stuff like true intimacy, understanding, spiritual and psychological healing, and authentic joy.

However, this video presentation is, in fact, more about the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality. Not just the Catholic Church’s.

In this stirring 38-minute film, you will hear the moving testimonials of several individuals who have broken free from the powerful grip that homosexuality once had on their lives.

They have shared your struggle and felt your pain. They still do.

They have come to the awesome realization that there is a third way.

Homosexuals often think — or have sometimes been incorrectly lead to believe — that there are only two Christian viewpoints. But neither of these are accurate.

Somehow or the other, homosexuals have come to the unfortunate conclusion that it’s either: “Forget Christianity. God hates you; you’re going to hell.” or “You can be a Christian and live an open, active homosexual lifestyle.”

But there is a third way: God loves YOU and YOU can be transformed by His limitless love. And that means release and renewal are possible . With God all things are possible (Matt. 19:26). Even if you feel like you were “born that way,” you can be born again a new way (John 3:3, 7).

Since Jesus healed a blind man who was born that way (John 9), why not YOU?

Don’t focus on your brokenness. Look to the God who is the perfect restorer and healer.

God is offering YOU grace and hope. Please embrace it.


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