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Keeping Our Brothers: Stand with Middle Eastern Christians

Breakpoint’s John Stonestreet writes about the serious persecution of Christians that is taking place in many countries:

Some of the world’s oldest Christian communities—many tracing their heritage back to the Apostles—are now facing extinction at the hands of Muslim extremists. In particular, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt have seen unprecedented spikes in violence against Christians.

In recent months, several clergymen were kidnapped or murdered in Syria and entire Christian towns have been ransacked in the midst of the ongoing civil war. Fifty-eight believers were massacred at Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad last year, and in Egypt dozens of ancient Coptic churches have been torched, Christian-owned businesses and hotels have been attacked, and believers who remain fear daily for their lives.

Stonestreet answers the question, “what can we do?”

Well for starters, we need to identify with those in the crucible. They are our brothers and sisters, and like the Christians whose support Paul enlisted for the persecuted church in Jerusalem, we need to make their suffering ours. We can decide to be our brothers’ keepers. Or we risk losing them.

Stonestreet writes that it’s time for “Washington to get off its hands and treat this as what it is: one of the greatest human rights crises of our time.”

There’s never been a better time to call or write your Senator and encourage him or her to prioritize religious freedom.

And of course, pray. Pray that those who embrace Christ in the Middle East would find safety, that their suffering would win others to Christ—and that Christianity would not perish from the land of its birth.

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