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Are You a Racist?


OK, it was a hoax: someone told a bunch of men and women on the street somewhere in southern California that Speaker of the House John Boehner said he doesn’t like Mexican food, and asked them if they thought that made him a racist. Bearing in mind that all sorts of responses could have been left out of the final version of the video, we still have a lot of people saying oh, yes, by golly, that’s racist! They all said Boehner had to resign (for admitting he didn’t like Mexican food). They all agreed the country “cannot tolerate this bigotry.” One woman said, “They need to make an example of him.” Hey–how about a public beheading?

I wouldn’t take this at all seriously, except a year or two ago, “education” bureaucrats in Britain branded two-year-old infants as “racists” because they wouldn’t eat spicy foreign food. Besides which–are we not hectored by Democrats and media, every single day, that any opposition to them or to their policies, any criticism of the current occupier of the White House, is racist?

I don’t like Mexican food, especially when it’s prepared by Welsh people. “Racist, racist, racist!”

But you know what? I don’t care anymore. They use the word “racist” like they use “um” or “y’know.” The only way you can convince a lib that you’re not a racist is to volunteer to be “it” in a Knockout game.

Meanwhile, it’s a beautiful racist morning here, the racist dogwood tree is in full bloom, the racist bees are gathering racist nectar from the racist flowers, and all racist in all, it’s racist a lovely racist day. I racist hope all you racists out there racist enjoy your racist afternoon.


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