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State Department Sacrifices Children for ‘Gay’ Imperialism


Private funding via Kevin Jennings’ foundation fuels effort

Should the U.S. State Department receive grants from private foundations promoting homosexuality? There’s something wrong with this picture, along with the State Department’s obsession with global homosexual “rights.”

But even more alarming is the callous treatment of children along the way.

The State Department does care, after worldwide media pressure, about the human rights abuses of girls in Nigeria. With the news that 300 girls were kidnapped in Nigeria by the terror group Boko Haram, it was gratifying to hear that Secretary of State John Kerry has pledged U.S. help in locating these child victims of Islamic terrorism.

Because most of Kerry’s communications with Nigeria lately have been sharp admonition about its new law criminalizing same sex unions and homosexual clubs, societies and activities. Kerry wailed the law was an affront to “fundamental freedoms” and “universal human rights.” Is holding a “gay pride” parade a universal human right? It’s highly likely that billions of the world’s citizens would disagree.

The pressure on countries like Nigeria, Uganda and others to conform to the “LGBT” agenda as envisioned by John Kerry and Hillary Clinton is enormous, but the closer one looks, the more horrifying the picture becomes. The reality is that not only is State Department radical activism in play but there is outside generous funding for these revolutionary activities as well, programs that either exploit or ignore young victims of homosexual activism.

U.S. progressive foundations are planting grass roots groups throughout Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe to stir up trouble for governments that oppose homosexuality. These infiltrating groups generate headlines in the blogosphere from a predictable propaganda machine, claiming that policies supporting traditional morality create “violence” and “human rights abuses” against homosexuals. Where have we heard all this before?

It is true that some countries, primarily those aligned with Islam, punish homosexuality with torture or even death, which constitutes a clear and deplorable human rights abuse. However, other countries have instituted lower-level criminal penalties to discourage the spread of disease, distortions of natural marriage, homosexual advocacy, and – important to note– corruption of youth. These too are decried as “human rights violations” by activists, with allegations that these policies “cause” attacks on homosexuals or transvestites. However, the track record of accuracy about such claims is extremely shaky. And meanwhile, concerns about ongoing abuse by homosexuals in these countries against youth are dismissed as “anti-gay.”

It’s “anti-gay” to seek an end to the seduction of twelve-year-olds by thirty-year-old HIV positive homosexuals?

When examined, gay allegations of violence often turn out to be exaggerated. Sometime, the stories are totally fabricated. And always, their bottom line is clear: the reputation of “Gay, The Identity” must be defended at all times, so every obstacle to glory must be smashed, even if, ironically, vulnerable adolescents are the sacrificial lambs on the altar of global “gay” legitimacy.

Non- profit groups are not the only ones receiving grants to promote global homosexuality and gender-switching. Our U.S. State Department is the recipient of “gay” rights grants from private sources, some of which may surprise you.

The State Department has a program called the Global Equality Fund. Launched in December 2011 by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the focus is to support questionable lifestyles as part of U.S. foreign policy:

The Department of State is working to advance the human rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people as part of our comprehensive human rights policy and as a priority of our foreign policy.

This fund accepts grants and donations, one as large as $1 million from the Arcus Foundation in 2012 . Maybe it’s just me, but this seems very odd. Should private groups be paying for U.S. foreign policy influence? This is lobbying, right? However, the Arcus grant is just one of many “public-private partnerships“ at the Department of State.

But the stranger-than-fiction saga doesn’t end there. The executive director of Arcus since 2012 is a name familiar to many of us, none other Kevin Jennings, founder of the child-targeting Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). After his short dance through the Obama Department of Education as “safe schools” czar, he fled once he was outed as a radical largely responsible for the depraved agenda of GLSEN and its propagation of pro-homosexual clubs and programs in U.S. schools. Jennings is now executive director of Arcus, responsible for disseminating millions each year, largely to homosexual groups.

And never forget what has become the main goal of homosexual activism today: to allege a clear “cause-effect” connection between traditional moral viewpoints and violence. The shoe never fits and such claims are akin to fascism, but Jennings developed this narrative at GLSEN and will keep selling it across the globe, including within Russia and the Ukraine.

Arcus under Jennings has joined with the Open Society Institute (George Soros) to launch the Russia Freedom Fund, all about “LGBT” rights; that’s their story and they’re sticking to it. Interviewed following the Sochi Olympics, Jennings touted the high visibility of the Russian homosexual “rights” issue (with funding from Arcus) prior to the event.

Arcus Foundation is the Kalamazoo, Michigan non-profit arm connected to the Stryker medical device manufacturer. Jon Stryker, the heir of the corporation, is an open homosexual.

One of the goals of Arcus has been to support homosexuality in religious groups, mostly Christian– in other words, the funding of division, destruction and heresy. They’ve contributed over $10 million toward that end since the 1970s.

One of the global groups working to undermine morality in the countries of Uganda, France, Brazil, Russia and others is All Out. With funding from Arcus, the Gill Foundation, the Ford Foundation and others, All Out helped fuel the frenzy in Russia leading up to the Olympics following passage of its ban on the promotion of homosexuality to children, and All Out is one of the groups behind the hysteria that falsely labeled a proposed law in Uganda, the “Kill the Gays” bill.

The original Uganda legislation to counteract the influence of outside homosexual activist groups did include the death penalty, but it was for homosexual molestation of minors, or for knowingly infecting a person with HIV. The Church of Uganda supported the bill because of the reasons prompting it: homosexual rape of boys in boarding schools, homosexually-related human trafficking, and offers to poor children of gifts and favors in return for homosexual sex. The influence of outside Western homosexuals has been frequently mentioned as a corrupting influence in that country on youth.

The death penalty provision was later dropped, but the “Kill the Gays” name has never been retracted, even though it was inaccurate from the first.

A more appropriate moniker would have been the “Punish the Predators” bill, because it is predatory homosexual behavior that is the main concern. Where in most of the press coverage of this supposedly “anti-gay” bill, is any respect for the Ugandans’ concerns about homosexual corruption of their kids? It is never mentioned by the Western mainstream press and it is routinely mocked by the “gay” press. The inaccurate “Kill the Gays” nickname needs to end along with withdrawing the childishly punitive lawsuit against Dr. Scott Lively, a pro-family pastor and lawyer from Massachusetts who merely made a speech in Uganda long before this bill was passed.

To disguise their own sordid activities, these activists may be playing the game called, “the best defense is a good offense.”

A partner group to All Out, Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) decided to make Lively a “fundamentalist Christian” scapegoat and in the interest of “human rights,” has made false accusations against Lively, whose speech covered long-accepted Christian doctrine relating to homosexuality, both its sinful nature and the forgiveness of God for those who repent. This is not news, but his visit was seized upon by “gay” imperialists as a way to deflect focus away from themselves and toward conservatives.

But if you look closely, SMUG partners with “gay” youth organizations and advocates for the “rights” of minors to be homosexual, which sometimes means (as parents rightly fear) the empowerment of children to accept the advances of homosexual adults without criminal penalties for the adults. Meanwhile, despite several Western countries cutting aid to Uganda, the country is prospering financially.

So essentially, Arcus, Gill, Soros et. al. are funding bullying programs to intimidate and smear people into toeing the line on the “human right” of sodomy. And children are often the victims.

And let’s not forget the U.S. State Department’s role in this chilling distortion of “human rights.” Hillary Clinton put massive pressure on the Uganda government to drop their homosexuality bill. How dare she have so little concern about kids?

The dismissal of youth was also evident as the global “gay” fascists went after Russia for its bill prohibiting the promotion of non-traditional sexual behavior to minors. Why the uproar? Aren’t “LGBT” advocates mostly concerned about adults “rights”? Or is it really, once again, evidence that involvement with and access to minors is a key component of the homosexual movement?

This certainly seems to be the case. With Kevin Jennings at the head of Arcus and awarding millions of dollars in grants each year, youth may once again be in the crosshairs, just as at GLSEN. And our State Department is enthusiastically letting embassies and consulates be used to “leverage” such goals. How depraved.

The parents of the world need to unite to say,” Leave our children alone!”


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