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MTV Teen Mom Star: ‘How can they protect an eagle egg but NOT an unborn child?’


MTV Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are both unapologetic pro-life advocates. In 2009, the Teen Mom series chronicled how the 16-year-old couple chose life when they decided to give their biological daughter Carly to loving adoptive parents.

On various occasions, Catelynn has passionately defended her pro-life stance in the past via social media, and recently, the couple traveled to Dublin, Ireland to be keynote speakers at the Love Life Festival. And on Friday, the reality star took to Instagram to post a pic that is strongly pro-life (see below).

Catelynn also added the caption, “Our priorities are so messed up things need to be changed!! How can they protect a eagle egg but NOT a unborn child? That’s whack!! #chooselife #forall #quitkilling

The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act imposes a fine of up to a quarter million dollars and two years in jail for merely “disturbing” a bald or golden eagle egg, even though they are not officially endangered anymore. At the same time, however, it is completely legal to end the life of an unborn child in any state of the union with no questions asked and the hard-earned tax dollars of all Americans — thanks Obamacare!

Some may not want to hear that an abortion is much, much worse than just removing a “blob of cells,” and they may attack Catelynn Lowell for reminding them that “abortion stops a beating heart,” but the truth is too important not to tell. Life is a precious gift from God that must not be violently ripped from a woman’s wombs only to be thrown in the trash.

As long as abortion providers like Planned Parenthood habitually lie about fetal development, Catelynn and Tyler deserve much credit for taking their bold stand for life. What our country needs is for more young people to follow their lead.

Since they are now older and more prepared, the couple are currently trying to conceive another child.


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