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Creating Chaos at Home and Abroad


Kip Piper, a former top official at HHS, recently described the rollout of the Obamacare site as “the joyous, simultaneous, nonlinear equation from hell.”

Piper’s comments encapsulate in a very few words the political chaos theory driving the Left, including the leaders of our current administration. They also summarize the commitment of our president to crisis and chaos.

“Forward!” at all costs! “Forward!” joyously. “Forward,” despite chaos.

“Forward,” to create chaos.

If the idea of deliberately creating chaos sounds insane to the average common sense American, some political theorists and their followers have found the prospect absolutely exhilarating. For decades, theorists of political science have been enamored of science’s chaos theory as it supposedly applies to public policy and international relations.

Edward Lorenz, author of The Essence of Chaos, wrote a famous essay entitled, “Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas?” The idea was that the initial, random movement of a butterfly’s wings could potentially set off the chaos of a tornado.

Political chaos theorists seized upon a sort of Popular Science version of the butterfly effect, determining that humans could manufacture the initial conditions that could destabilize societal structures, creating chaos in the complex, non-linear system known as human society. Humans could inject “butterfly effects” into society, creating chaos, yet still rely on an invisible evolutionary process that would guide the entire social order to desired ends. Chaos eventually could produce a whole new order.

Managed anarchy was given the supposed imprimatur of science, which for over a century has been the source of supposedly infallible and non-falsifiable tenets applicable to humans and human society.

The fact is that there is nothing in the examination of the material world or theories concerning its structure, including the examination of sub-atomic particles, that speaks to the complexities of human behavior or its institutions, much less the moral order of society. But the effort has been made time and again as the influence of religion has faded and a new paradigm has taken hold.

For those political theorists adhering to the application of chaos theory to politics, the “old” world of Newtonian physics, with its paradigm of comprehensible order, is seen as hopelessly and permanently outdated.

Instead, Newtonian concepts, and other discarded paradigms such as religion — by whose orderly principles ordinary bitter clingers still live their lives — are replaced by a new model which assumes continual uncertainty (Heisenberg), nonlinearity (action A does not lead to consequence B) and unpredictability (there is no guarantee input assures a fixed or even desirable outcome). There is no particular relationship between causes and effects; no system or paradigm can be explained by the sum of its parts; no events can be predicted by what is happening now; and no process flows along orderly and predictable paths. In short, there is no explicatory meta-narrative to make sense of events.

Since confusion is the modus operandi, political chaos theorists have arrived at some fairly insane conclusions, bolstering their beliefs with misapplied “scientific” theories of indeterminacy, relativity and chaos theory.

One view of those adhering to political chaos theory is that systems are so incredibly complex that no particular fixed end or stated purpose can be achieved by human action. For example, Richard Betts, author of Is Strategy an Illusion, wonders if any military strategy is illusory, as “the gap between policy objectives and war outcomes is too complex and unpredictable to be manipulated to a specified end. When this is true, war cannot be a legitimate instrument of policy.”

Betts seems to believe military strategy that defines specific objectives can’t be pulled off because of impossible and chaotic complexities. Such a theory actually embraces paralysis of any military or police action, thereby guaranteeing the chaos of social unrest.

However, most political chaos theorists do blindly hope there may be an unseen but latent order behind the chaos, an order sometimes dimly discerned by an elite few who see the hidden patterns behind a continually evolving and chaotic system—not that we should attach any particular moral value to the outcome.

God forbid.

But wait. There is no God for the chaos theorist. There is only Process that guarantees continual change.

There is, however, in the mind of the political chaos theorist, a mysterious trajectory following an evolutionary trend, but that trajectory is chaotic until it reaches a stable order. A sort of mysterious, magnetic, indeterminable (and “joyous”?) force guides the trajectory, gathering mass as it moves along. We don’t know anything much about either the force or the outcome, though we can apply a sort of predestinarian fractal mathematics indicating a probable outcome. Chaos engenders continual oscillation back and forth of the societal order, but we don’t know when the oscillation will tend to equilibrium or whether or not it will continue in chaos indefinitely.

For the proponents of chaos political theory, the lack of predictability becomes an exhilarating adrenalin rush almost as potent as meth amphetamine is to an addict—as long as they can themselves live in the stable and safe remains of what was once Western civilization. It’s all very exciting. It’s great fun speculating about producing the initial conditions that produce irreversible chaos. It’s rather like setting off the impetus that makes a string of dominos fall or causes an apartment building to implode. It’s even more exhilarating to watch the collapse of a nation. Who knows if a rough beast or a phoenix will arise from the ashes?

As noted, most proponents of political chaos theory believe that somewhere, somehow, there is a latent order behind all the chaos. That order is not presently discerned by the masses who are, because so many imbibe the opiates of religion, rule of law and love of tradition, are understandably confused and disturbed by as well as futilely resistant to all the chaos.

Resistors to continual chaos are the poor, mentally enfeebled cretins comprising the lumpenproletariat. But there is hope, even for unenlightened resistors to perpetual change. The elite few who may discern a vague underlying order, and who, at critical junctures in the messy process, can seize the moment of crisis (not one of which must ever go to waste). They may perhaps guide the evolutionary, but chaotic process to a desirable denouement.

Our current elite, for example, believe the chaos they are producing in America eventually will lead to “fundamental transformation.”

Transformation can and should occur very quickly by bypassing traditional institutions dedicated to and rooted in order. When bifurcation points arrive, seizing the moment will lead ineluctably to a totally new system, a unique and irreversible historic turning point from which there is no turning back. The old systems cannot and will not be revisited again. They are junked as useless.

The notion of a chaotic but inevitable process is paraded as something wonderful. It is considered futile to struggle against the Process, which is the chaos theorist’s substitute for God. Transforming societal norms, no matter how long established or how dear to the masses is continual. It is seen as useless, for instance, to fight against the inevitability of same-sex marriage.

Further, as long as chaos is continually injected into opposing and competing value systems such as the Catholic Church and conservative political institutions, the old order will eventually collapse and a new order will inevitably prevail.

The dedication to constant societal chaos and radical change is one reason why the Left has such contempt for history and such a mania for contemporaneity and “modernity.” It is why it displays such revulsion toward established institutions like the Church, Christians and constitutional government. It is why chaos theorists and their practitioners love the notion of a “living” constitution, one that evolves along with and ratifies reflexively the inevitable process. Continue the crises long enough, and most of the changes will eventually be rubber stamped by a fatigued opposition.

To put it another way, only the ever evolving Process is determinate of the future, so anything related to or giving stability and permanence is jettisoned. The overriding interest is in introducing dissipative structures in hopes of continually challenging the present system while supposedly establishing somewhere down the line long term a new order. This means inoculating current systems with chaos viruses in the form of constant crises (a continual injection of “butterfly effects”) in order to change and transform all of society. The promotion of chaos and destruction is seen as a necessary factor to bring about desired change.

The result, however, in the hands of a powerful elite, is that many individuals, classes and institutions that resist the “fundamental transformation” simply will not (and should not, according to chaos theorists) survive. To cite just a few disparate examples, the American middle class, the Church, the Tea Party and marriage, all of which are symbolic and real forces of resistance to chaos, are to be disestablished, uprooted and destroyed.

In other words, the injected chaos viruses will kill some of the hosts. But according to chaos theorists, that is a good thing.

The brutality and destruction chaos brings with it is something to be admired as the rush into the future accelerates. As Walter Duranty, the New York Times apologist for the Soviet Union quoted Stalin (and before him, Robespierre), “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.” Duranty’s journalistic “reports” from Moscow praised the Soviet Union as run by a sometimes cruel elite, but an elite who wanted to improve the lives of the people—the lives of people who would be alive in the future, not the lives of those living in the here and now that was the actuality of Stalinist Russia.

The fact the “eggs” were peoples’ heads was deemed inconsequential in view of the indeterminate but vaguely glorious future which was being ushered in.

Sound familiar? It should.

The American people have seen in recent years, especially now in the rollout of Obamacare, that more than a few eggs are being cracked. Obamacare, deliberately designed to be hugely complex, is paradoxically also just one of the injected chaos viruses designed to destroy more than just the current medical and insurance businesses. The fact is that the Obamacare Trojan horse is fomenting continually destructive crises, destabilizing the entire nation.

One such deliberately fostered crisis is the demand that Catholic and other religious institutions give up their value systems and surrender to the demands of Obamacare’s moral chaos. The Church is being forced to provide abortifacients to employees via insurance plans. The Church has stood against abortion for centuries, but the current political paradigm demands it accedes to the new and inevitable order, an order that includes the annihilation of traditional marriage.

The list of butterfly effects is long and pervasive, and certainly not confined to domestic policy.

Internationally, the introduction of chaos into the Middle East has produced continual oscillation and instability. The administration is promoting the most unstable and chaos producing groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood as the agents of fundamental change, agents who will bring in a new, “peaceful” order that spontaneously rises from the ashes like the proverbial Phoenix. How exciting is it to watch what arises from total destruction of any stability in that area? Political arson provides a great rush. Gotterdammerung gives a lovely light.

The fact is that chaos theorists truly (and insanely) believe that peace will eventually happen in states that experience increasing disorder, messiness, randomness and unpredictability. They believe the chances of “peace” eventually rising from destruction are far greater than would happen in more orderly countries such as republics or democracies, which is why America’s former allies, including Israel, are virtually disregarded or openly sabotaged by our current president and his Secretary of State John Kerry, who has described Israel as establishing “apartheid.”

Keeping crises permanent in every level of human interaction, ranging from the nuclear family to nations, is a good thing. Peace will one day rule. Of course, it doubtless will wind up being “peace” by fiat and force, not by consent, but what does that matter? The masses will be so sick of continual chaos, they will welcome order by dictate.

In the meantime, anything that suggests linearity, consequences or just plain truth is jettisoned in favor of transformational “change.”

Create chaos within the fluid American class system and a new, better one will eventually take shape. Everyone will be truly equal to everyone else once the current class system, especially the capitalist middle class, is smashed to smithereens.

Create chaos within the institution of marriage and continue to foster the sexual revolution. One day a new societal order not based on the nuclear family will arise.

Create chaos within the Church, as it is a relic of past peddling opiates to the people and presenting an impediment to change. Substitute loyalty to the government, the only entity to which we now all belong.

Create chaos that will smash the old concepts of rule of law, fostering total confusion about what is right and what is wrong. Embrace a complex fractal order in which no actions have divinable consequences and no one is clearly innocent or guilty.

Create chaos in the American form of government. It, too, is an antique impediment to change.

Tear it all down to the foundations and a Brave New World will arise. Complete the eradication of Western civilization by eliminating the Judeo/Christian bases formerly providing order and rule of law, and see what new paradigm rises up in its place.

Most Americans, particularly Christians asleep at the wheel, have yawned their way through decades of the Left’s promotion of chaos and violence in the name of fundamental transformation.

Now that chaos theory and its trickle-down effects have become this administration’s modus operandi here at home as well as abroad, will they wake up in time to re-establish the greatness this country once enjoyed?

The hour is late.


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