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‘LGBT’ Imperialism: Exporting Homosexuality, Perversion and HIV/AIDS


Family Watch International has produced a very powerful documentary entitled Cultural Imperialism: The Sexual Rights Agenda. Directed by Sharon Slater, this shocking exposé reveals how the Western nations, especially the United States, are undermining the AIDS prevention effort by linking it to the promotion of sexually deviant behaviors. Advancing the virulent homosexual agenda is what’s actually driving this devastatingly lethal effort. And as a result, millions have already died and will die — murdered by LGBT activism on a global scale.

The half-hour feature begins with these somber words:

The AIDS pandemic is one of the most serious crises the world has ever faced. Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 60 million people have contracted HIV, and nearly 30 million have died of AIDS-related causes. With close to 34 million people in the world now carrying the HIV virus and an estimated 2.7 million people newly infected each year, it’s clear the world has not figured out how to stop this disease. So why, despite the billions of dollars being poured into AIDS prevention have infection rates not significantly decreased? Dr. Edward Green, while director of the AIDS Prevention Research Project at Harvard, set out to answer this question and the international community did not like what he found.

“If sexual behavior is changed in the direction of more monogamy and fidelity and more abstinence,” Dr. Green asserted, “it greatly brings down infection rates.”

In Dr. Green’s book Broken Promises: How the AIDS Establishment Has Betrayed the Developing World, he presents research strongly indicating that the “sexual rights” approach to AIDS prevention, championed by the United Nations, the United States and other Western donor nations, is most likely contributing to higher rates of infection, meaning that millions are dying unnecessarily.

Sharon Slater, the film’s director, explained to that “sexual rights” is a “broad elastic term” used by Western governments to push “contraception, sex-change operations, same-sex marriage, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender behavior, prostitution, and comprehensive sexuality education for children.”

The documentary provides insight into how the Obama administration “blackmails” the poorer, developing countries into implementing laws and policies that advance hyper-sexualized “ethics” into their cultures by threatening to withhold aid. In fact, President Obama implemented an initiative in 2011 requiring all U.S. international agencies to make advancing LGBT rights a top priority. This new policy direction is also embedded into the AIDS prevention efforts.

Slater further argues that the Obama directive actually requires all U.S. agencies to pressure countries to not only legalize and destigmatize LGBT sexual behavior, but also to embrace the homosexual deathstyle.

“They were being blackmailed, bribed, and bullied into accepting sexual rights that run counter to their religious and cultural values,” Slater said.

During her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, speaking on behalf of the president, stated, “The Obama Administration defends the human rights of LGBT people as part of our comprehensive human rights policy and as a priority of our foreign policy … gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights … the 3rd and perhaps most challenging issue arises when people cite religious or cultural values as a reason to violate or not to protect the human rights of LGBT citizens.”

Shirley Richards, Jamaican Attorney

Shirley Richards, a Jamaican attorney featured in the film, stated:

Recently there was an announcement, both by David Cameron and by President Obama that they are willing to cut off aid to countries who do not recognize LGBT rights. We want to object to that as just being manipulation. Downright manipulation to get us to accept something, a lifestyle with is proven to be scientifically unhealthy, a lifestyle which is contrary to the religion and cultures of most of our people. We take great objection to this type of manipulation and we wonder if the American people are aware of what is happening … What is amazing is that these countries that are harassing us smaller countries. In these countries the rate of HIV/AIDS among the homosexual groups there, typified as MSMs (men who have sex with men), that rate is increasing. And not only so, it is said to be out of control. This is recorded in the scientific journals.

And Richards is right. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC):

“Men having sex with men” account for:

 Only 2% of the population

 60% of all new HIV infections

And they are 44 times more likely to be infected with HIV.

“[MSMs are] the only risk group,” reports the CDC, “in which new HIV infections have been increasing steadily since the early 1990s.”

Furthermore, an African government official, whose identity was concealed in the video, explained:

What we are seeing is the LGBT agenda being pushed like a carrot stick for aid money. You want aid money, then you must change your laws on these issues of gays and transvestites and transsexuals. This is a new form of imperialism, I must say, and it’s surprising that the American government is at the forefront of that imperialism … that’s blackmail. It’s blackmail on a moral issue, on an issue that you are forcing African governments to go into the villages and explain to the people, you are getting money to build that wall, you are getting money to build water or electricity into your community simply because you’re now going to allow ‘Jane’ over here to marry ‘Mildred’ over there … it’s against Christian values. We take our Christianity differently. It’s not like you put on a coat, and you can take it off at night. We are Christians through and though and that’s Christianity we adopted from the very same people now who are coming in and saying, ‘We will not give you aid money.’

“It’s deception. There’s no human rights based on behavior,” stated Shirley Richards. “All people are equal, but not all types of behaviors are equal … the end result will be deconstruction of the family system, of the family structure.”

The maliciously mischaracterized anti-‘gay’ laws in countries like Uganda, Nigeria, and Ethiopia are actually a matter of national survival. The documentary makes the case that the West’s imposition of “sexual rights” on these countries erodes their religious and cultural values, leading to social chaos through the demise of the natural family unit and the deaths of millions by AIDS-related illnesses.

As the documentary likewise underscored:

In 2011, the United Nations special rapporteur on the right to education issued a report to the UN. This report claimed that children have a right “comprehensive sexuality education” that among other things will abolish guilt feelings about eroticism, include homosexual education, and make students aware of their “sexual rights” such as the right to “sexual pleasure.”

Amelia Belchior, AIDS orphan

Amelia Belchior, an AIDS orphan from Mozambique, was given the opportunity to speak on the UN floor during the High-Level Meetings on AIDS. “This kind of education (comprehensive  sexuality education) tells youth they can have fun and have sex and just use condoms,” explained Amelia. “This kind of message was a death sentence to not only both of my parents, but also my brother Rogerio.”

Amelia also described the dangerous material that children in Africa are being taught by the United Nations through the support of American financial aid.

“I told them how Planned Parenthood was passing out a booklet for HIV-positive youth at the United Nations called Happy, Healthy, and Hot,” she stated, and then asked, “Can you imagine? This is for kids who have AIDS. The booklet says and I quote, ‘To support your sexual pleasure.’ It tells youth they can have sex in different ways. It teaches about sexual pleasure through masturbation, with same-sex partners and even if you are drunk.”

Alfonso, another young AIDS orphan, provided this insightful comment about the UN sexuality education:

So much talking when all they had to say was “don’t have sex outside of marriage.”  That would save hours and hours and hours of work … I would tell the rich governments to stop pushing sex in Africa. And I would tell the African governments to not listen to them and to stand strong because no amount of money is worth it.

Sarah Flood-Beaubrun

Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, former St. Lucia Delegate to the United Nations, also revealed that when she began giving speeches in favor of the “comprehensive sexuality education” curriculum, she had no idea that she was actually promoting “sexual rights.” As it turns out, deception of the national leaders is another key component in the indoctrination of the world’s youth. Children are taught to embrace and experiment with sexual perversions and the sodomy-based deathstyle. And when Delegate Flood-Beaubrun discovered the truth and refused to participate in promoting it, she was summarily removed from her position.

As another unidentified Kenyan delegate to the UN pointed out:

They actually said that for us to combat HIV and AIDS we needed to legalize prostitution, legalize homosexuality. Many of us are still not even food secure, you know, we can barely feed ourselves. The poverty rate is sky high. You tell me how funding to educate people on men having sex with men, you know, or the lesbian agenda is going to be beneficial to my people. It’s not!”

Sadly, it’s actually going to prove quite harmful to the nations that implement this terrible AIDS-promoting program.

Janet Museveni, the Ugandan First Lady

Mrs. Janet Museveni, the Ugandan First Lady, proudly described and defended her country’s ABC program (Abstinence, Be faithful, Condom use), which was instrumental in the unprecedented drop in HIV/AIDS cases in her country. However, when Uganda launched this program, they had no way of knowing that besides fighting HIV, they would also have to battle the ideology behind Western AIDS prevention.

The documentary highlights the different approaches to the AIDS pandemic by comparing the Ugandan ABC program to Botswana’s implementation of the Western model:

It could be said that the small African country of Botswana represents one ideology in the AIDS policy struggle and that Uganda represents the other. Since 1990, the AIDS rate in Botswana has skyrocketed from a prevalence rate of only 3%, in 1992 it rose to 10%, and in 2011 it reached an alarming 24% — the highest in the world next to Swaziland. In 2015, more infants are expected to die of AIDS in Botswana than are born in Boston and Philadelphia combined. Let’s compare Botswana and Uganda. In 1990, Uganda had one of the highest HIV infection rates in the world with a rate of 15%. Then, in 2006, Uganda’s infection rate took a dramatic drop to only 5%, one of the largest reductions of new infections ever recorded.

Norman G. Hearst, MD

Norman G. Hearst, MD, expert in AIDS prevention, research and public health from the University of   California – San Francisco, “The way it worked in Uganda was probably just about right; you had President Museveni going around from town to town with a bullhorn literally telling people, ‘You’ve gotta change your behavior or you’re all gonna die, and if you’re really gonna do something stupid anyway at least use a condom.’  That’s probably about the right message  in a place like Uganda or South Africa or Botswana where a large proportion of the potential partners you’re gonna run across are HIV infected. That is the truth and that is what you ought to be telling people.”

Edward Green, PhD

Edward Green, PhD, former director of the AIDS Prevention Research Project of Harvard, observed the irony of the situation.  “Infection rates are going up in the U.S. They’re going down in Kenya. They seem to being going down in Ethiopia now. They went down in a major way in Uganda. They went down and stayed very low in Senegal. And yet we’re [the Western nations] going to these countries and telling them how to prevent AIDS.”

“Which countries in Africa have the most condoms and use the most condoms? Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe. Those countries stand out. And they don’t have lower infection rates, they have higher infection rates,” Dr. Green emphasized, “We put that data into a table that shows as condoms become more available, instead of infection rates going down, they actually rise.”

“I’m in no way opposed to promoting condoms as part of strategy for AIDS prevention. The problem with condoms is if we let that give us the illusion that we can forget about the A [Abstinence] and the B [Be Faithful]. If you’re a young person in South Africa, and you’ve got the messaged drummed into you that AIDS protection equals condoms,” Dr. Hearst warned, you think you’re protected and therefore, you don’t examine your underlying power and stop to question whether having multiple partners in the middle of an AIDS epidemic is totally insane or not. You know, you can use the analogy of seat belts and drunk driving. It’s not a bad idea for them to wear seat belts. The problem comes in when you have the illusion that as long as you wear seat belts, it’s okay to keep driving drunk.”

According to Microsoft Founder Bill Gates:

Right now nearly 40 million people are living with HIV. The annual cost of getting treatment to everyone in the world who is HIV-positive will be more than $13 billion a year, every year. Moreover, these figures assume no increase in the total number of people who will need treatment. Yet, we’re averaging over 4 million new infections a year. In other words, for each new person who got treatment for HIV about 10 people became infected.

“The cost of promoting the ABC program the way Uganda did it in the early years when they broke the back of what was then the world’s worst epidemic and turned that epidemic around was less than 50 cents per person per year.” Dr. Green said, drawing a stark contrast, “Not only is there this general indictment that we have violated trust and betrayed the people of the third world and everything by letting our ideology get in the way, but we have pushed Uganda away from the model that’s worked so well. If you go to Uganda today, the emphasis is on drugs, it’s on condoms, testing. The old ABC program that put the real emphasis on A [Abstinence] and B [Be faithful], that involved the church, went into the schools; it’s been largely dismantled.”

Rossette Katungye

Rossette Katungye, Ambassador/Uganda Deputy Permanent Representative stated:

Uganda has also  recently come under heavy attack and criticism about its policies on homosexuality, and I think a lot of it is based on misunderstanding. Coming from a country where we have seen our loved ones die from HIV/AIDS, seeing the suffering, the toll that such illness bears not just on the affected individual, but the family, the society. Our whole economy is suffering, and it is our deepest belief that we owe it to our fellow Ugandans to put the right policies in place. And homosexuality erodes the very, very fabric of our society in the sense that it puts our people at risk.

“Dr. Rand Stoneburner, he worked for the World Health Organization, and he was all immersed in the Uganda data. Stoneburner said that history will look back on this period and say, ‘One of the great abuses of the latter part of the 20th Century is the failure to do AIDS prevention in ways we know are effective,’” Dr. Edward Green explained.

Sign the petition at to stand against the cultural imperialism of the international LGBT agenda and all other types of sexual perversion.

We must do whatever we can to fight for the lives of those that are needlessly dying as a direct result of our deviant, horribly misguided foreign policy.