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UPDATE: American Moral Crusader Arrested, Denied Entry into Canada


By Brian Fitzpatrick, Managing Editor,

Update: April 11, 2014, 5:00 p.m. Eastern – Peter LaBarbera tweets that Canadian customs officials have reversed course and will now allow him entry into Canada.

EXCLUSIVE — In a serious violation of freedom of speech and conscience, American social conservative leader Peter LaBarbera has been denied entry into Canada.

LaBarbera’s trip to Canada for a speaking engagement has been vociferously opposed by Canadian pro-homosexual activists, who mounted a campaign to force the annual conference of the Saskatchewan Pro-life Association to withdraw LaBarbera’s invitation.

“I expected this would happen,” said LaBarbera, founder and president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH).  “A group called ‘Intolerance Free Weyburn’ has been lobbying the Ministry of Public Safety to block my entry into Canada ever since they found out I had been invited to speak.”

After being detained briefly by the Canadian Border Services Agency in Regina International Airport, Saskatchewan, LaBarbera was released into the custody of Bill Whatcott, a prominent Canadian pro-traditional morals activist.

Whatcott LaBarbera

Whatcott (left) and LaBarbera at Regina International Airport

LaBarbera’s appeal of the CBSA decision is scheduled to be heard at noon, Saskatchewan time, by Penelope Ulmer, the superintendent for the CBSA at the Regina airport.

Whatcott is asking supporters to pray, and to “call Chris Alexander, Minister of Education and let him know Christians like Peter who preach truth, and certainly not so-called “hate” should be allowed into Canada to share his wisdom with Canadians.”  Whatcott said Alexander’s email address is:, and his phone number is 613-995-8042.

LaBarbera told BarbWire that Canadian border agents met him at the airport when his flight arrived late Thursday night and searched him thoroughly.

“Upon entry into Canadian Customs, all my belongings were searched, inc. my laptop + phone, to gather info for ‘Hate Propaganda’ evidence,” LaBarbera tweeted early Friday morning.

LaBarbera, a prominent leader in the movement to defend traditional marriage in the United States, said he is scheduled to speak on Saturday in Weyburn “about the interconnections between the pro-abortion and the gay agendas.”

LaBarbera said he was carrying several books critical of the homosexualist movement in the United States, including Dr. Michael Brown’s book, A Queer Thing Happened to America.  “I was planning to refer to the books during my speech,” LaBarbera said.

“[I]nitial judgment by Canadian Border Security is to NOT allow me to enter Canada based on alleged viol. of ‘hate propaganda’ law,” wrote LaBarbera in a followup tweet.

LaBarbera told BarbWire that Canadian border agent Darren Bannick informed him that he had discovered evidence that LaBarbera was “targeting” an “identifiable” group of people based on their “sexual orientation.”  According to LaBarbera, “Bannick referred specifically to the ‘About’ section on the AFTAH website.”

The website’s “About” section describes AFTAH as “a national organization devoted exclusively to exposing and countering the homosexual activist agenda.”


Updated: Click to embiggen: Customs order denying Peter LaBarbera entry into Canada for crime of “hate propaganda”


Exposure of the moral and health hazards of homosexual behavior, LaBarbera’s principal emphasis at AFTAH, is considered hate speech in Canada.  American radio ministries have been forced to censor their teachings about the sinful nature of homosexual activity in their Canadian-based broadcasts.

“Canada has no respect for freedom of speech at all,” Whatcott told BarbWire.  “Even our schools teach explicitly against freedom of speech. Peter hasn’t done anything illegal.  All the illegal activity is from the homosexual activists.  It’s illegal to call people names in Canada, and they’ve violated the law a thousand times.

“I’ve been called ‘Canada’s premier homophobe,’ and ‘Canada’s leading hatemonger,’ because I preach the Gospel. I don’t advocate violence against gays, and I believe gays can be redeemed.”

According to Whatcott, “saying gays aren’t born that way, and saying homosexual behavior is sinful, is a crime in Canada.”

LaBarbera joked, “I’m not sure the Obama administration will allow me to return to the United States.  I may have to ask for asylum in Moscow.”

Update – LaBarbera Tweets following:

Coincidentally, BarbWire chief Matt Barber flies into Toronto today for a speaking engagement:


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