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Lesbian Father

The Great ‘Gay’ Deception Grows: Woman Listed as ‘Father’ on Birth Certificate


Late last month, in an absolute break with reality, Emilia Maria Jesty became the very first baby born in the state of Tennessee to have a woman listed as the “father” on her birth certificate.

The baby’s biological mother, Valeria Tanco, and her lesbian partner, Sophy Jesty, were “married” in New York, and later moved to Tennessee. Their “marital” status became the subject of a flood of last minute court filings in the days leading up to the baby’s birth.

In mid-March, as the due date drew near, Judge Aleta Trauger issued a preliminary injunction requiring Tennessee to acknowledge their “marriage.” The state has since appealed that decision to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Trauger also noted in her ruling that under existing Tennessee law, Jesty could not be recognized as a parent to Emilia and would not be permitted to make certain medical decisions on behalf of the child. But, of course, as it turned out, the law meant absolutely nothing when it came to the homosexual “right” to deviancy.

Two days later after the judge’s decision, on March 27, baby Emilia was born shortly after 4 p.m. She weighed eight pounds, five ounces. The following day, the hospital staff arrived at Tanco’s hospital room to complete the birth certificate. Tanco insisted that Jesty’s name be listed as the “father.”

Questions swirled regarding the legality of such a move, not to mention the absence of reality and morality. But undaunted by these legitimate concerns, Regina Lambert, a Knoxville lawyer volunteering for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, got busy making phone calls. Eventually, several hours and many calls later, the health department in Nashville allowed hospital officials to produce the fraudulent birth certificate.

It is still possible that sanity could ultimately prevail, and a ruling against the pair by the  Sixth Circuit would effectively void Emilia’s birth certificate. A new one would then have to be reissued, listing only Tanco as the mother.

Neither Attorney General Robert Cooper nor the state Health Department, which oversees birth certificates, have responded to requests to make a public statement about this ridiculous turn of events. Like many today, they might have a case of homophobia phobia — the fear of being called a homophobe.

We can only hope, however, that the courts and the state officials eventually come down on the side of the child’s best interest. No child should ever have to be raised is such a biologically and psychologically confusing environment where it is believed that a woman can be a “father.”

It’s time to end this great “gay” deception.


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