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Evil: Abortion Fund Gives Coat-Hanger Charm to Donors

Well, the lefty death-worshipers have outdone themselves this time. In the latest “progressive” celebration of the abortion holocaust, a D.C.-based pro-abort fundraising group is giving coat-hanger pendants to donors.

National Review Online reports:

The D.C. Abortion Fund (DCAF) is offering a coat hanger pendant to all who donate $10 or more a month to the non-profit organization that gives money to women of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia who cannot afford to pay for abortions on their own.

DCAF states that they hope to make “’choice’ a reality because we believe that a woman’s right to health care should not depend on her wallet.” They offer grants to low-income women on a confidential basis. The coat hanger seems to be a part of their logo, as it is also prominently featured on the main banner of their website.

This coat hanger pendant had previously been offered to donors in December 2009 as a sort of holiday special.

The lines between good and evil are become clearer every day.


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