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Video: Conceived in Rape – Women Share Powerful Testimonies for Life


Although this video was originally produced to support the failed 2012 Senate bid of Richard Mourdock in Indiana, it provides poignant vignettes of women (Monica Kelsey, Sherrie Eldridge, Rebecca Kiessling, and Wendy Sikes) whose lives began with the tragedy of rape, but were transformed by the power of God. Although many have unfortunately bought into the lamentable idea that human life is disposable, the stories of these women powerfully demonstrate the untruth and shortsightedness of this perspective.

Despite the circumstances of a person’s conception, we are all created in the image of God. And the unborn do not deserve a death sentence for the sins of their fathers. Nobody is a mistake; every unborn baby deserves the opportunity to live, love and be loved.

Most of these women were raised by adoptive parents, and one of them shares a brief account of the heart-wrenching reunion with her birth mother, proving once again that life was, and always will be, worth it!


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