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Video: Obama Gets Makeover, Talks Tough to Putin…Well, Not Exactly


When it comes to our current Commander-in-Chief, we’re unfortunately going to have to rely on Hollywood to do all of the tough talking for our nation when it comes to Putin’s recent power play in Crimea.

Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah, our “president by proxy,” issued a stern warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin over his latest aggressive actions in Ukraine, stating that “desperate times call for desperate measures.” After receiving a “tough guy” makeover from actor Liam Neeson, Pharoah bared his chest and said everything that the real President Obama should, but never will, have the guts to say.

Neeson then gave a menacing introduction to Pharoah’s not-so-diplomatic video statement.

“Recently I got a very disturbing call,” Neeson said. “Crimea had been taken. I hate it when things are taken.”

“Mr. Putin, Vladimir. I’ve never met you. I don’t have experience in international diplomacy, but what I do have is a very particular set of skills, skills that would make me a nightmare for someone like you you. By which I mean I’m an actor. In Hollywood, with a lot of connections,” Neeson ominously threatened.

The video production, complete with pyrotechnics, featured Pharoah’s Obama riding a horse shirtless, breaking rocks, arm wrestling, karate fighting, and wrestling a bear…with bone-crushing bravado. He’s kickin’ butt and taking names. Putin, you’ve been put on notice. America will not tolerate your hostile, uncalled-for actions.

Putin, I’m sure, is shaking in his boots right about now. And it’s about time!

Well…too bad, it’s not for real.

The president’s phone and pen may incite fear in the hearts of the RINO Republicans, but they won’t work with Putin. It’s time to bare America’s chest.


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